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The One-Hundred Homecoming Declarations - Spoilers!

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Thank you so much! I wondered how long it would take before the Shamy nation started writing their own conclusions and yours is just what I needed right now! Good luck on the hundred posts too-wonder how long it'll be before there's one with some emotional hot reunion sex?! We can still dream-great writing-love it!

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Now that I've read the first one... and I LOVE your fics anyways.... I just want to say thank you for making this wait easier for all of us with your wonderful writing skills. :) I can't wait to read these all! What a great idea!

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Again, spoilers for the season finale.... Turn back now if you do not want spoilers.


Okay- This is going to be my summer hiatus series of one-shots. I'm giving myself until the season premier to come up with 100 different ways for Sheldon or Amy to pick up the pieces of the finale. Yep, 100. Some will be long, some short, mostly -actually all- will be or turn out to be optimistic. There will be no break-up’s in my world. Nada. If you haven't read my stories before, just a warning, it's gonna get fluffy and it could potentially get a bit dirty. "Dirty, dirty, dirty." Hey, with 100 different realities it could happen in one, right?


With such a deadline in place I should update pretty regularly. Hopefully this will help the time go by faster. ;)





Thank you for this.  This will help make the time go faster, as you said, and hopefully, will lighten our hearts as I feel mine is very heavy right now, along with the other fans who are disappointed with the finale outcome.  Can't wait to read your stories!  Again, thank you!

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