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7.24 'the Status Quo Combustion' (May 15)

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I thought this episode was a strong end to a strong season. The writers did well to make the audience feel sorry for Sheldon, even though he isn't considerate to Leonard about his upcoming marriage and doesn't give moving across the hall, by far the most obvious solution to the living arrangement crisis, any thought at all.


The writers did their job well in this episode in ensuring that viewers tune in next season- every fan wants to know how the show will change and how it will affect the characters. Every character has undergone change of some sort in this finale, and I thought that was orchestrated excellently by the writing team.


I agree that Sheldon should have said nothing when Leonard told him that he would miss him. For the show to attempt a poignant, emotional moment is rare and for the show to pull it off is even rarer, so to then ruin what was an otherwise flawlessly written and moving final scene by having Sheldon make another irritating remark ruined it for me. But then again, it's Sheldon; what should we expect?


My favourite quote of the episode was Sheldon's panic over Leonard's suggestion- 'Move across the hall? Did you take a marijuana?'


Contrary to popular opinion, I also enjoyed the final scene with Amy hitting Leonard with the cushion. I found that scene to be one of the best parts of the whole season and I thought that it relieved the pressure and the emotion of the last scene with a good physical gag to round the season off on. 'Open with your best joke and leave with your second-best joke', they say. TBBT certainly left our screens with a cracker.


I have to confess that my favorite line from this ep had only one word; Beverly Hofstadter's, '"No."  They got a big laugh out of me before I realized how awful it was.  OK, even after I realized it. :blush:


Next was "The Marijuana Inquiry".  I wonder if Sheldon-on-rails will stop in Colorado (certainly not hippie-infested Washington state) for tea and cookies.


On first viewing, I jumped in my chair when the pillow smashed into Leonard's face.  Then another LOL at the ferocity with which Mayim Bialik pummeled poor Johhny Galecki.  Leonard sure takes his lumps!

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You know, I actually think that this is the best observation I have seen yet, because there is a great deal of debate which takes place about who is the bigger asshole in this relationship right now,

And what would have happened if she had been there? Would she have begged him to stay only to have him tell her no? Would that have been better? She simply would have been putting more pressure on

From the moment of the botched drunken proposal and the repercussions of the decisions made, I personally think the writers made a conscious decision to refocus all attention on the central relationsh

glad to see l/p tell there friends that they are engaged,

until raj speaks-up. bernie know about everyone sex lives.


hope stuart will be happy with is new job, to take care

of debbie.


pennys mom is happy that is is not pregnant, but bev all ready knew

about it sheldon told her.


so sad when sheldon was talking to leonard, penny about leaving

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Sheldon let Penny kiss him, and he didn't even flinch, or wipe his skin.

Penny kissed him on the cheek and then "she" wiped his skin just like a good mommy should.

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