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This is another tornado threads just because I love studying severe weather. If there is a waterpark and a tornado is coming what do you think would happen? Lets split this up into two scenarios. One where everyone was evacuated and one where the park was not able to evacuate in time. 


Scenario A.Would the water park survive or get severely damaged by a storm? 


Scenario B.How do you think a Water park would handle last minute evacuation and do you think they would be 

able to keep the crowd under control? Would everyone be able to make it out safely? 


Lets discuss the conclusions you all can come up with. 





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I'm not sure the protocol for each heavily crowded area in terms of Tornado evacuation, however I believe on days were Tornados / severe weather storms are Likley in the area, they would have a plan in place in case, or they wouldn't open, plus the general public in these area are weather savey as well. They know when to stay close to home in case they need to take shelter.

If we are assuming Tornados on an EF4-5 scale, then survival above ground when not in a safe room is low. As I mentioned before. Objects fly at you like bullets at 200mph + speeds. I can't really think a waterpark would have an underground area or safe room big enough to accommodate if it came to it.

The El Reno, OK Tornado last year (biggest on record) was tracking towards Will Rodgers airport. Just south west of OKC. The passengers in The erminal were all evacuated into underground tunnels. Luckily this Tornado stayed clear of populated areas and missed the airport, but unfortunately claimed the lives of Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young. This was due to the Tornados sudden turn and enourmus size.

Another problem is, Tornados can be produced so quickly... A spec of cloud can develop into an EF-5 in the space of 30 minuets....

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