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Mediocre Shows You Like

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This is for everyone to share all the mediocre shows and movies that were not very great films or shows but that you still enjoyed watching. Something I like is "Karin"(Manga:Chibi Vampire) its an anime about a vampire that gets nose bleeds when she doesn't get enough blood. Its like not one of the greatest made anime and it doesn't have anything that really sticks out and as far as most other anime I have watched this is clearly a B-lister but I still really liked watching this anime. So go ahead and share your B-list films and shows that you still loved watching! 

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IDK if it counts, but I really enjoyed the show Rules of Engagement. 


I don't feel it was ever the most popular, I mean it had 7 seasons but wasn't really something everyone talked about... like HIMYM or this show (TBBT).

I think it's pretty funny, easy enough to watch when you're trying to multitask, I would recommend it! Idk if that's what you were looking for, but I think I consider it a b-list show and it's one of my favorites. :)

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