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This is the new preview for the New Planet of the Apes movies. 


The Last Planet of the Apes come out in the movies during the 2001. 

This is of the old original series. 


Later in the 2011 they did a reboot and redid the first movie of planet of the apes 

and are redoing the entire series starting from movie one. The Origin of planet of the 



This preview is the second movie of planet of the Apes being redone. Its called 

"Dawn of planet of the apes" its coming out in 2014 July 11th. 

I only watched the 2000 redo and the one that came out in the movies during the 90s. 


While I think this makes more sense since in the original line of movies it was just people in 

ape suits. Which you could tell were not apes since people stand different and crouch different 

than Apes and other type of primates do this because of the anatomy. I can appreciate both lines

of the films and think they were all very well made.  


Anyways I enjoyed both the redo and the few original movies I watched. Anyone want to discuss the 

new movie? It looks really good. 

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