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Shennysode Season 7 Episode 21


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 I just put this under spoilers. I wasn't sure if it counted. I Added the Spoilers prefix this time. I loved watching a just PennyXSheldon episode. These two characters are so cute together. I think I would like to see more Shenny focused episodes even if its not PennyXSheldon dating. They really compliment each others personalities. Also noticed Amy pointed out the connection Penny and Sheldon share. I love what sheldon told the psychic. "Im clearly an annoying person and have problems with both genders". 

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Instead of starting yet another thread why don't u just speak about this in the current spoiler thread, also there is a shenny thread in the show forum if you want to discuss them more

Or just go to shenny HQ, there is plenty of fellow shenny shippers there

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