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The Big Bang Theory Movie!

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Hello to the whole team and congratulations for this ever great tv show.


My name is Eleuterio Ramos, 45 years old  and I writing from Lisbon, Portugal.


I'm a BIG, BIG, BIG, fan of you all and I been thinking, remember the movie "Eurotrip"  ?, The Big Bang Theory Movie!



Have you ever thoughts to make a movie of this tv show? like travel to Europe and visiting the Big Bang tower clock in London, after visiting Lisbon of course, will be just AWESOME, fully of great funny adventures, what would you say???


Please contact me, I will be honored to assist you in your visit, my skype is REMOVED


I saw you, the actors, getting a connection surprise to Astronaut Mike's friend onboard the ISS and i Have the link to watch the beautiful Earth from the ISS





Once again, please accept thanks for this wonderful job you are doing and I saw people in comicons asking about the "nerds", but honestly, I think you are making possible for those people been seen as normal persons, as we deeply all are, by combat the "bulling" in the schools against our kids with your great story's, dressing them with courage and self-esteem.



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Welcome to the forums Helium.

I moved your post to The Show forum. It fits better here than in Cast and Crew. Also, I removed your Skype address. After a number of posts, posters who are interested can send you a Private Message (PM) to get the address, which allows you to check them out first. .

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I think a movie could work.  They could go on some major trip together.  Perhaps to Comic Con.  They could do things that they normally couldn't do on tv.  I'm all for it.

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