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Is Sheldon losing it?


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Before you continue reading, I have to say I don't mean his funnyness! He's as funny as ever! ^_^

I mean his intelligence and cleverness! I mean:

1- He lost the cricket bet;

2- During the argument between Raj and him, in The Pirate Solution, it happens Raj was right;

3- (thought not as good of an argument as the two others, but still worth mentionning) He got owned by Wil Wheaton during the card game.

I don't know, it just looks like they make him fail a little bit much lately! :p Not good for his ego, but very funny for us! ^_^

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Hm, I don't think he's "losing it". I think the writers wanna show us how Sheldon deals with being wrong (nobody can be right all the time, even Sheldon), rather than showing us that he's "becoming less intelligent".

Two of the three "failures" we've seen so far were not really related to his intelligence.

1.) The cricket bet was just a joke, Sheldon was showing off that he knew Dolbear's law, Howard arguing against it was pretty much based on the fact that common fields crickets are more likely to be found inside a house. (And btw it was pretty funny that they still argued once they had caught the cricket. Have you googled images of these two species? The snowy tree cricket is pale green, while the common field cricket is dark brown/black). But yeah, it's a comedy and they are no biologists.

2.) Losing against evil Will Wheaton was not so much Sheldon losing his intelligence but rather being completely distracted because Will managed to hit Sheldon's (one of two) Kryptonites. He even said, he can't defeat "the man who loved his memaw". So we could even interpret it as letting him win out of sympathy. Yeah, not typical for Sheldon, but rather showing that his memaw really brings out his emotional side.

The only time Sheldon REALLY was wrong in HIS world was the argument with Raj about the dark-matter-equation. David Saltzberg, the physicist who assists the show, has started a blog and explained the argument between Raj and Sheldon (http://thebigblogtheory.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/s03e04-the-pirate-solution/#comments). So yes, here Sheldon really made a mistake. Maybe because he was sleep deprived? :)

So in summary, I think we're safe and Sheldon is still Sheldon. We're just seeing new sides of him!

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