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Season 8 Wish List?

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Not gonna lie, it hurts when people don't believe in asexuality. Erases part of my identity, what I feel connected to, what I relate to.

Psychologists used to question homosexuality the same way they question asexuality now.
I do agree with the Christian household and germs thing, absolutely. I think that's why he hasn't come to terms with his sexuality, or lack thereof, for so long.
I like to believe that he's demisexual, because from the info I've gathered, that's what I feel he is, and that's okay.


I feel like "sex on the mind" is a libido thing, not a sexual attraction thing. I believe Sheldon has a libido, he just likes to suppress it with Kolinahr.
As for sexual attraction, I feel like he has that now for Amy, but he never experienced it before - hence my reasons for demisexuality.

Whether you chose to believe in demisexuality or not, that's up to you. It is recognised as part of the asexual spectrum, but I won't diminish your thoughts on it if you believe otherwise.

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I want Sheldon to tell Amy that he missed her on his train trip.

Shamy weirdo team mode Shamy working on a science project together, Pierre and Marie Curie stlyle ♡ Lenny friendship and peaceful mode A plot involving the whole gang travelling A new Scavenger hu

• Blunt/unfiltered/badass Amy has always been my favorite so I'd love to see more of that again. • I'd love to at least hear something about Amy's dad. Literally, if only one line. • shamy being

All very interesting. I think that what the writers are really going for is comedy.  Like Sheldon has no idea what that girl wanted in s3e12



Martha: Sheldon?

Sheldon: Yes?

Martha: Listen, they’re kind of getting busy in the living room, and I was wondering if I could hang out in here for a while.

Sheldon: Well, I suppose. Come in. I’ll sleep in Leonard’s room. Good night.


Then after the first SIK Amy and Sheldon end their dates with a kiss. But he talks through it like he again has no idea his mind should be in the moment. The kiss becomes a ritual without meaning to Sheldon.  Unless Amy develops the ability to do some Jedi mind trick I think Sheldon is stuck in prepubescents. On the other hand now that Penny is a pharmaceutical rep I suppose just about anything could happen. Or perhaps being TBBT we will see Sheldon miss out on his hair cuts for too long and he will adopt more "hippie" characteristics than playing bongos.

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as much as I love SIKs, I really want an AIK this season. Just that reassurance of Amy's confidence as well as a Shamy kiss would make me happy.

see I was a mutal more passionate kiss at some point this season. 

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A SIK or a AIK is fine with me, but I would like Amy to be a bit more responsive next time around.


What I really wanna see this season is Sheldon telling Amy,

"I really like you, Amy" - if not that, a love confession, but I'm still not sure if they'll do that this season. I hope they do.
I really liked the "I like you for who you are, quirks and all" and I'm hoping we get a stronger version of that some day.

I can picture Sheldon perhaps a bit tipsy (not drunk), and Amy's talking about something. Sheldon's not really listening, and Amy notices.
She says, "What is it?" And he responds with the "I really like you, Amy" line, maybe tells her that what he feels is a little scary.
I just want them to be more open with each other, but from what we've already seen this season, that's already happening, and I couldn't be more pleased.


I'd also love a Sheldon initiated hug, and for them to sleep beside each other.


My ultimate wish for this season is an "I love you" but I'm undecided if that could happen this season.
I've read on here many of you feel that the ILY could happen this season, and in ways, Shamy is building up to something.
Whether it's the ILY or not, I don't know. All we can do is keep on wishin'.

I'd also like to see more of an open-mouthed kiss from Shamy this season ;)




I need a Shamy hug. Like, a proper one. A SIH, if you will. I need it. And I don't want Sheldon to be reluctant about giving Amy a hug either.
I want a happy Shamy hug, initiated by Sheldon, without even thinking about it.



I'd like to see Sheldon help Amy with something, because we usually see Amy helping Sheldon with something. I want to see that dynamic switch sometimes.

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My TBBT Season 8 wishlist:

- Shamy/Lenny double date -> Done in episode 8.3 *yay*
- Leonard should get the tenure
- Penny should make a lot of money -> Done! (she´s working for Bernadette´s company)
- more Penny/Amy/Bernie scenes
- Sheldon saying ILY to Amy -> Done in episode 8.7 *yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay*
- Stuart comming back -> Done!
- Zack should come back
- Wil Wheaton should come back
- Kripke should come back -> Done in episode 8.10 *yaaaaaaaaaay*
- I wanna see Sheldons mom again
- I wanna see Leonards mom again
- Lisa Kudrow has to play Pennys mom
- Penny & Leonard should move in together but still hanging out with Sheldon and the rest in 4A
- Amy should move in with Sheldon
- Leonard should organize Penny a birthday party (with the help of Raj of course)
- Penny & Leonard should go dancing together-> kinda done in episode 8.7 but without music
- Sheldon & Howard should hang out again
- the comic book store has to come back -> Done!
- wanna see Raj´s parents again -> his dad was in the Christmas episode *yay*
- Emily should come back -> Done!
- Lucy should come back
- Fun With Flags has to go on!
- romantic Shamy dinner at her or his place
- Shamy dancing together again

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