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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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I said in the Discussion thread that perhaps they're attending some fancy do that reminds them of their (mostly bad) prom experiences, or lack of experience.


University fundraiser?  Penny's gorilla movie finally gets a premiere (I once started working on a story about that...hmmm...)?  A wedding or other family event?

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La la la just gonna drop this in here aaaand....




Discuss. ;)

and it's not just what he said... it's also what he didn't say in the double date episode (8.03)when they were going to the pub. Amy said something along the lines that if her underwear was a flag, they'd be on fire( it's late here- can't remember the line exactly). DID YOU SEE HOW  Sheldon looked at her????????????????????????????? it wasn't his usual haughty derision! he seemed more intrigued than repulsed by it

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The prom thing is so random

it's not random at all of you have the kind of imagination that can flesh out full plots based on a few key words and wish fulfillment fantasies that are usually only realized by billionaire crazies like Howard Hughes.

Or fan girls.

Guess which one I am.

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