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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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Bills throwing shade

Aagh! Tell him to stop that!! He's making me nervous!

Oh for goodness' sakes! Insulting bill straight in the twitter probably won't help us get what want or encourage them to keep looking the other way when it comes to doing taping reports.

So true. I wish people would stop making it so blatantly obvious that people are sharing information. I mean, I'm sure they realize it's going to happen, but geeze.

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last week, we thought the prom episode was 8x07. they've changed it since then. prom is now 8x08.

technically tonight's taping is episode 7 of season 8, so 8x07.


They retain their original production/episode numbers (what's on the cover of the script) no matter when they air.

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Damn ppl, dont tell bill that we do spoilers or get taping reports. Jeez. What next, link them on bills Twitter??? He prob knows but dont blow our cover. Ugh ppl

Im taking abt ppl how leak stuff to the cast and crew.

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oh but i wasn't talking about the production numbers. i was talking about the order of the episodes in which we watch them.

sorry for the confusion.


I know, but I think that referring to them by their original numbers is less confusing.


Or best of all, for me, is using titles or title abbreviations.

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Guess I forgot to miss the hug.  Was distracted while watching the episode.


In retrospect though, I think it made sense that it wasn't in there. 


Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have complained if they had left it but I can see why that hug didn't make the final cut. 


I guess too I am so surprised by the prom episode (even if we have to wait 2 weeks) that nothing could spoil my excitement about that! 

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