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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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I think, much like Hannah Montana, TBBT was still "finding itself" in season 1. Sheldon's character was a bit different. He even flirted a little bit with Penny in the pilot. It's a little jarring to go back and see it now.


Yes I understand that. But it's too bad they did not think of that at the beginning of the show, because this is inconsistent. lol But this is not really important. And luke's theory can work.^^




That might not be so much an inconsistency and more a part of Shedon's OCD that developed over time - he might not have knocked rhythmically like that before girls started regularly showing up in his apartment  :wink:

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i must go back and read the taping report and keep the pictures in my head.... omg omg omg!!!! see you in a few...



pictures say a thousand words. but in combination with the taping report.... WOW. i can't wait till next Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


i can't wait till fans make videos with this episode on you tube!!!! 

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I have tears in my eyes, for real guys...I just...can't..this is so beautiful. I don't think I'll make it through this episode. The way he looks at her in the hallway...even if he didn't say it with words, we would just know it. And this is only from a picture. FML!!!


To the Shamy haters:




For all of us believers:




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watching you tube... knowing that he loves her...that she loves him... that they are in love makes all these Shamy videos soooo much better.!!!!  ( I love" ALL ABOUT US" / "A THOUSAND YEARS")  :maninlove:


and 'JUST A KISS" is equally good....even if it is pre-SIK




and from Sheldon's point of view: "JUST THE GIRL" 


IF I GO MISSING FOR THE NEXT WEEK... YOU'LL FIND ME WATCHING NON-STOP SHAMY VIDEOS... ( that's a lie...i'll be popping in :p )

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Yay! The bigger pictures are up:







Look at his face! He thinks she looks gorgeous!




Her face! She's so shocked. Love this one the most.


my feelings right now :  :girlsmile:  :cry:   :tender: and shiver.

Ok, one week and 2-3 days to wait. And to resist to not spoil my friends.

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Out of context, this picture could illustrate Sheldon and Amy's marriage. ;)


One of my first thoughts when I saw this; Sheldon, on the day of his wedding to Amy, with his best-man and best friend Leonard.


All of the pictures are amazing, this may surpass THE KISS! (and I never thought I'd say that)

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Beautiful pictures.

There was an early, pre-Amy episode on here this evening and there was just so much foreshadowing going on. Leonard was freaking out at the prospect of a date with Penny, with massive sweat patches under his arms, and having a panic attack, and I thought 'Just you wait Shelly, just you wait....!'

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