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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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ok...maybe its all the "brownies" I just had at a lunch....but his arm is smooshed near her finally semi-revealed clevage!!  And this was post ILY and they both look so happy!!!


Just sayin', second base is right there.

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Prom is going to be my favorite episode, ever. until Amy says it....or they say it to each other but Until then this one is already beating all of the others.

I've never wanted to see an episode so much. not even the SIK was this bad! 


I swear these writers enjoy toying with us..... ohh look, Sheldon kissed Amy. oh no wait, he tried to break up with her over a table but look, he didn't... then things seem good... what do you mean he left on a choochoo train? And now we get this...


Don't mind me... I'm just rambling to myself.... :icon_redface: I haven't slept in a while...


Back to prom!!! And Mayim taking over instagram :)

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It's weird, it was like she just grabs a stick without arm. lol They made the sets photos on the set together ? 
It doesn't matter, the fact that Amy grabbed his arm, and close to her body, and he does not seem uncomfortable is still huge. So cute, so in love.  :wub:
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