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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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Yes. And when you consider who are those people... most of their life misunderstood, bullied and being laugh at... fact, that they found such a great  happiness with each other kinda adds whole new dimension   :) Such a sweet thing to know, that in the end of the day, there can be happiness for everybody ;)

It's especially meaningful to me that they're gathering at Amy's apartment, because out of all of them, she seems to have had the most complete loneliness in her life (the others were bullied and treated as outcasts but seem to have had at least some friends growing up, other than maybe Sheldon, but even he had siblings - at this point I'm assuming Amy is an only child).  In some ways, Sheldon did for her what Leonard did for Sheldon. :)

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Amy's apartment looks very festive too, like she really went gangbusters on her theme. Which is one of the reasons the sweater vest really works for me(despite my distaste for Xmas sweaters). Victorian Christmas is a classy way to really explode Christmas cheer all over your house.


I'd have at least worn a cameo or a muff to support the theme. Come on people, the woman worked hard.


The looks on their faces... They look so happy... It's perfect.


Dear lord... it's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Okay January. Let us have it.

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Now I can see the pictures and OMGGGGGG! I sit a little for control my emotions! This season is being so good with us!
I think is funny like everybody is looking " What the hell is that?" And Bernadette is the only one who is smile in really happiness. She finally understand they love each other and it is so cute!
I can't think in right way... Is just so happy I just can't think! 
I'm going to love this episode.
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I love the difference of views of the Shamy relationship in the eyes of Bernadette vs. Penny.


Bernadette is Amy's friend.  Yes, Sheldon is in their group, but they have no connection aside from who their mates are.  And Bernadette through the years has gotten close to Amy.  And probably has sat back and heard her grips and frustrations...And has sat back and watched through the years how Sheldon treats Amy (in fact most of their adorable moments are almost always in private).


Then you look at Penny.  Who hands down is closer to Sheldon.  She's watched him grow, she's babied him through the years, and has been a social mentor of a sort for him.  While Amy might consider Penny her "bestie", Penny is connected more to Sheldon hands down (almost like a big sister role towards him).  Penny gets more of a reaction from Sheldon's admissions than Amys (like "its a possibility" and even the latest "urges")


So its so great that Bernadette got to see Sheldon's true feelings.  And Bernadette probably really didn't think Sheldon was attracted to Amy (and Bernadette is blunt & harsh at times). 


I am also now able to visual a possible proposal way down the road....based off these latest pictures!!!


I cannot stop looking at them!

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yea, she went over the top with her theme. Its actually adorable. I also get the big impression that the girl likes to bake & cook. So unlike Leonard, Sheldon will always be taken care on that front.

I bet the reason raj was there early is because he and amy are the only ones who like to cook and he initially planned to help out. Bernadette and she baked the star wars cake at her house too. I think Bernadette only cooks because she was raised to and because Howard won't help, not because she enjoys it.

Maybe raj and amy could team up some episode to make a gourmet double date with sheldon and Emily.

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Guest Loyal to SPQR and Shamy

OMG Dena, are you trying to kill us  :help:  :cry:  :swoon:

Don't worry. We all died after ILY   :icon_redface:  :cool:
Can't wait to see Shamy wedding (we all know it's coming)
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Someone did it. I cannot take credit but someone made this beautiful edit.

I said I didn't care if they get married or not, but now I do. I desperately want it. :p


All I can think about is if I saw this pic didn't know it was fake and hadn't read the taping report or seen the episode being taped, what would be going through my head. I think I would have a full meltdown. :shy:

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No, no, no!  Just got an email that our team holiday party is Thursday, December 18th at 6pm.  Have to drive to Boston (an hour from home so no way to go for an hour and then be back in time for 8pm) We're a very small team, only 6 of us local and one in Texas, so it will be noticed if I am not there.  That's the last first run before hiatus, how can they do this to me!!!!    Thank goodness for DVR and I can skip through all the commercials - trying to find the silver lining here.

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