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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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Batman said there's a dance-off at the end.  Could our Shamy dance together again?


I take it that that was the actors, not the characters, but I hope I'm wrong, or at the very least that Majim danced together.


EDIT: Confirmed as flash mob, not part of the episode, but JIM DANCED!!! So there's that.

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Dana shared the following in chat from last night's taping, so I thought I'd put it here in case it doesn't make the taping report:




okay so there was a rather "naughty" line that Amy made in the first Shamy scene. Amy is setting up Sheldon's brain scan anxiety cap thing on. She increases his anxiety by rubbing a balloon. He gets mad and she says we need to increase your anxitey and you already said no to listening to folk music, something else I can't remember, and watching me eat a banana.


Sheldon then says "who eats it horizontally?" and Amy says "that's how my mothers said good girls do it"



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Amy has grown a spine when it comes to Sheldon being annoying

Apparently he was ruining date night and she threw him out!

Its only a little bit bad but all ended well it seems

I think she's about the only one that will stand up to him. Everyone else tends to give in to him in the end.

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