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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread

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Hello!   Just wanted to come say hi, i'm still new to the forum.    I wanted to thank all the shamys for being so patient with me last night. Last night was big! I'm going to try to write more BTS

I'm still reeling, I cannot think straight today. Man, I can't believe how perfect this whole milestone was, and I can't believe how consistently good the writers are at knocking *every single milesto


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One of the producers tweeted a few weeks ago about getting the rights to use a song, but didn't say what it was. Then tweeted again today that tonight was the song. lol.


I guess it still matters even if it is a cappella. Who knew? 


Yeah, if you use the lyrics or the tune in any fashion, ya gotta pay, baby.

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I must say I found the scenes between Jim and Johnny absolutely adorable. They are so great together. While I was watching those scenes though, it occurred to me (and I do believe this has been mentioned before) that there seems to be a growing normalization of Sheldon. The girls also mentioned Amelia changing Cooper through good storytelling. All of this coming together in the same episode seems to really foreshadow big changes for Sheldon in the coming episodes. Or so I'd like to believe.

I love the huge "woos" they got when Bernadette mentioned a part that Amy needs. :icon_wink:

I agree. Jim and Johnny are very funny together.

And Sheldon has been more normal this season then he has been in past seasons. Someone mention it last week.

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Hot damn, watching this ep at 3am was not the best idea I've ever had.

And I need this fanfic in my life IMMEDIATELY, like, even yesterday was already too late.


I don't know about yesterday, but I will do what I can.

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"Amelia" darting her eyes around trying not to look down (and failing) when drying off Cooper. Amazing.


The Spiderman Underoos kinda killed the mood, though!


Wow, that might have been my favorite ep of the season.

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