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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly -retired astronaut- ( on jim /mayim IG photos) Will they be on screen of off screen ? Next episodes sounds very special, o lot of import people on it....

I got the impression Gabby and her husband were just visiting the set, not in it.

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Hi Kelli... I actually wrote a tiny story including a fort and also your idea of putting the pie to good use... it's with hazelra now... perhaps it's really stupid, but if not, then I will post it soon...

But you always have so many great ideas, I would love to read something from you!:-)

i can't wait to read it!!!!! 


thank you  :icon_redface:

 (an example of my pitiful writing can be found in the 100- word drabbles thread. I am full of ideas but don't stand a chance against some of the marvelous writers found here/ on f.f. net and even tumblr) 

I'm the person you go to if you want me to correct your grammar/ syntax/ spelling mistakes or are just looking for ideas... that's good too ;) 

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i just can't get over the episode and it's been 4 days!!!!

she says that their relationship is going "ridiculously slow" - he doesn't say anything

she says she wants them thinking about their future together- no snide remarks...

she talks about procreating - he mentions the space pants thing but then gets excited once she tells them about Martian babies. 


and here's a thought i had last night. Sheldon has wanted a child with Amy from the start.. ok, not the conventional way but still. he wanted one before he actually met her, he wanted one after their first date... he's excited about making Martian babies with her AND it's 5 years later almost.  ( 3 times Sheldon wanted a baby with Amy- and one time he mocked it - season 7 finale) INTERESTING.....

She wore it in Season 7 The Indecision Amalgamation (ep 19)  are there other times?



SEASON 6 EPISODE 2- the anniversary dinner when Sheldon invited Raj along, season 8 episode 2 - at the pub... and i'm sure there are some others out there. season 5 I think- one of their dates at the Cheesecake factory...

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Guest StoicPhilosopher

It looks like they're in costume, why is sheldon wearing a dress shirt and jeans? Hmm

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