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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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Happy taping day! Hoping to hear some Shamy goodness from tonight's taping. Honestly we absolutely can't complain; this has been a great season for us (and yes, a kiss would be just icing on the cake). I'm already happy we know they have al least one scene together. So everything else is a bonus. 

In the meantime, here's a new Shamy fan video a girl on Tumblr made. It's super cute, funny, sweet and the "hoo" part cracks me up!


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I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  At this point, with how much we've been given in season 8, any crumb will make me happy.  So I'm now going into each taping expecting nothing.

I know I am trying soooo hard not to get my hopes up, but then I saw the date night outfits and my hopes got up....
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I was watching Alien ep today and I realized that Sheldon was going to lunch at UCLA (repeatedly), which is like 25 miles away (yeah, I googled it, I'm that crazy)... since I doubt anyone would drive him in the middle of work day I guess he took a bus or cab really just to have lunch with Amy... sweet huh? :icon_cheesygrin:

Happy taping day folks!


Let's try not to get our hopes high. 

I think there will be kiss tonight

It's not working...

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Currently watching The Shiny Trinket Maneuver on TBS, oh how has Sheldon progressed. Shamy is so much stronger than ever, it makes me so happy.


Happy taping day indeed! Whatever happens tonight, it's been an amazing season 8 for the Shamy.




Just thought I would put this out there...if you haven't read the above Shamy fan fic yet, you really should.....IMO it is great!

I absolutely love this fanfic.

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It'll probably be a month or maybe a month and a half before it airs.  That's way too long.  I demand instant gratification.


He's not ready for her to leave at the end of date night.  Swoon.

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