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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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Cod, Bernadette would frankly be the absolute worst in terms of advice. First of all, everything she ever suggested is kinky roleplays with the implied connotation that "If this doesn't get Sheldon in your pants, nothing will, and there's something wrong with you". And second of all, she has been the only one (save for maybe Raj) to really have some nasty comments directed at Amy's sexuality. The girl has been bullied her whole life, she's obviously trying to find her footing with an equally complicated partner, and the last thing she needs is to hear that nobody wants her to express her sexuality.


No, no. Penny all the way. Penny actively cheers for them, knows Sheldon better than Bernadette ever will, and tries to steer them through troubled times (see Prom, as most recent example). I think she would be much more helpful in helping Amy see what she can't see (that Sheldon *is* into her) and to talk her through it without making her feel insecure. 

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I understand the behavior of Amy. It is true that Sheldon has advanced, but he has crossed the line. It is not just holding hans or have a good behavior with Amy, it is kissing and make out. Amy does no turn on with holding hands or a little touch of her arm, but with make out yes. It is difficult to control yourself when the person you love/like is kissing you at the end of a date. Amy knows that and I understand her. Sheldon is kissing her and he seems enjoy it, but after she has to go home hot and knowing that he maybe dont want to have sex never.(I think he want to have sex sooner or later, but she dont know this for sure). It is a little frustrating for Amy.

And of course, it is not all about sex, she loves him and he loves her and they know it. But c'mon, sex is important in a relathionship and when you start with kisses sooner or later you want all.

I try to express myself as best I could in English.

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I feel like Amy overreacted and hope there's some thus far unbeknownst to everyone underlying issue we'll find out about in season 9. Otherwise I'll continue to think of it as an overreaction so the writers can invent drama where there is none.

Sheldon having a ring seems so soap opera-y. Much like Howard suddenly having a brother a few eps ago. Oh, writers.

I am looking forward to the make-out session though!

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The more you read in here, the more ideas you have, really.


I don't if it's too soon to tell, but this past 10n hours having me perspective hahahaha

Okay, well, now thanks to Kazzie well described Shamy scenes now I know for sure Amy got pissed because Sheldon wanted to watch the Flash.


On the one hand, I understand this part, because if I were making out with Sheldon (and believe me I wish I was) and then he comes up with this comment I would get pissed too, but, I think here Amy's forgettin this is Sheldon we're talking about, these are the kind of things he does. 


For a while, I had thought that a break up or at least a break for Shamy would be the best, but at this point, I don't anymore. Beign separated could help Sheldon to realize how much he loves Amy and on this way, he could finally grow up and be the boyfriend Amy deserves, but the whole season has shown there's no need of a break up to make Sheldon grow. Now, he's in love and he wants to be with Amy, he wants to marry her for the love of God!


if this would have happened last season or season 5 or 6, that would've been great but not at this point.

I think the really reason behind this is a have a great cliffhanger. The writers now that Shamy is what people love the most about the show, it's what moves people more than anything and they're playing the cards really good in here, because, seriously, Amy saying she needs some space??? Come on!


Also, I'm mad because this is totally showing a totally desesperated Amy all over again, I mean, the make out scene sounds so freaking hot and she's complaining! Really? Maybe I'm overthinkng and overreacting but this is what they're showing it.


And about the whole Sheldon-getting-the-ring thing, I'm sure Sheldon's been thinking about it for a while, maybe not for long but he's been thinking about it, he already knows he wants Amy to be his wife, he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, he's been just afraid to pop up the question, and Amy getting upset was just what made Sheldon getting the courage to propose.He was going to, but Amy said she needed some space and everything went down the hill again.


This will definitely bring some good things for next season, remember how we were all pissed off because Sheldon had gone on the train?? And look what that brought! THE BEST SHAMY SEASON EVER! I'm sure this will be so good for them, now Sheldon is the one that has to go after her, he will have to be the biggest person here, respect her space and be patient just like Amy has always been. 


When they get back together is going to be awesome, I'm sure of it. But I'm not really sure if that's going to happen on the season premiere. This whole episode (talking about Lenny plot too) is perfect to "to be continued" and they can pick up right after where they finished this season on the first episode, but, they could start all over again and add some lines to have some consistency, maybe Leonard and Penny could just say that they were going to marry in Vegas and after a fight the had, they came back and nothing happened. Maybe this hiatus will be a real hiatus for Shamy too, Amy will have the time she needs and they can fix this thing up on the season premiere.



Anyway, as I said before, we don't know anything for sure until we see the episode.

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I like the analogy one of you made about Amy driving and Sheldon in the passenger seat, because it is really just like him learning how to drive. It's scary and sometimes he mixes up the pedals.

As sad as it is that she's taking a break, I think it's great. Sheldon needs to practice his driving and get those pedals straight. Practice bringing out your intimate feelings in the parking lot and get comfortable. Then, head out on the 405 and show Amy you are committed and ready while dealing with the faster paced emotions.

Those two are so comfortable talking about everything BUT intimacy. He's not able because I think he's still learning to identify those feelings and bring them to the surface. Once he has a clue, he's all, oh that's what that is, yes. I don't think he understands that he should be sharing them with Amy. He feels she should know. He still makes so many assumptions, he's getting much better at reading Amy, but the most important piece still isn't in place. Amy is terrified to bring up the last topic that matters to her, does he really want me. It's one thing to say I love you, but she's not reading his body language that he's physically in this. She's so scared and inexperienced, too many bad romance novels in her past. I do wish she would have gone to Penny and have Penny open her eyes to reality. But, I think it's really good that in season 9 we're going to get a pursuing Sheldon. He needs to come to grips with intimacy sharing in a relationship and how to give emotionally to the one he truly loves and she needs to take off the rose colored romance glasses and see how much he truly loves, needs and wants her.

How many more days of hiatus?

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Guys,am I the only one who's a bit upset with Amy?I mean I get why she broke up with him,don't chase me with torches yet,but after all the progress they've made this season she broke up with him because he wasn't paying attention?Sheldon has the attention span of a goldfish,he's thinking of physics half the time and the other half he's thinking about trains and geeky stuff,surely Amy knows this already.He's pulled all sorts of crap on her over the years but she chooses to break up with him over a trivial,imo,reason...I think she completely overreacted,ok I know that the writers wanted to create some drama between them but this came out of the blue.The best time for a Shamy break-up would be at the beginning of season 8 and it would actually make sense.Now it doesn't.A few episodes back she was ready to move to another planet with him and suddenly she wants a break?

I really love Amy but I'm with Sheldon this time.

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I agree a break is a difference and like I said earlier I think she will realize she made a mistake very quickly. But I also feel they will need to have a real adult conversation about this. If the writers gloss it over like they did with the obvious conversation they must have had when he came back from the train trip I will be upset.

I only said Bernadette because Penny is away. I think she would be sympathetic with Amy no matter what anyone will say. I think she does know that Sheldon loves her and she may make her see that. Bernadette is the one that Sheldon admitted his feelings to at Christmas.


I know Penny ships the Shamy hard and I believe that she would give excellent advice to Amy but she would also be doing it so she won't have to deal with moody Sheldon.

Bernadette may see things differently and tell her to talk to him about the issues where Penny will say you know you love him just be with him.


She loves him there is no doubt and he loves her. So this will all work out in the end. And I do see a marriage proposal from Sheldon quickly. I don't think they will drag that out. Maybe not episode one but soon after they get back together.

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I love what koops has been saying about how it would be great if it is clear in the episode that the problem isn't with Amy being frustrated because she ain't getting some, but with Amy being afraid that Sheldon doesn't really want her in that way and that he is only going along with what she wants because he loves her so much. Because while I would have very little patience with an Amy who tells Sheldon he isn't giving her anything (when he actually has given her everything but  sex since he has showered her with love and a promise of dying by her side), my heart would actually break for an Amy who can see that Sheldon is going to sleep with her soon but who doesn't know if that's because he wants her or because he wants her happiness.

While it is obvious to us that Sheldon wants to jump her bones, I can certainly understand where Amy would think he doesn't really want to, because he actually negotiated their sleepover to make sure nothing would happen. The negotiations were a bit irksome at the time, but now I wonder if they weren't simply foreshadowing, a way for the writer to tell us "Amy still thinks Sheldon isn't really into her sexually because of his language."

This cold open actually features the same dynamic as the sleepover negotiations: Sheldon says something that suggests a lack of interest ("Should I watch The Flash?"/"We're not doing anything tonight.") but his body language suggests a complete interest (hand on her thigh and going back for more/gulping like crazy and almost drooling all over her).

So yeah I can certainly see where Amy is coming from if we go at it with the "she's not sure where to stand on the intimacy front" angle. What I don't like is the way she worded it, I guess. When she says "All I've ever gotten out of this relationship is a distracted make out session" it makes me a bit mad because it kind of passes off all of Sheldon's other accomplishments as being nothing. Now I also understand that this might just be a question of the writers just wanting to throw in a cheap joke, because that's what they are. 


One thing is sure - this summer hiatus will be a lot easier for me than last summer's, because this time I'm not HULK SMASH ANGRY. I'm mostly just sad for both Sheldon and Amy. 

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Marina, I agree with all of that! But I'm not sure the general audience is really sold on Sheldon wanting her (sexually) either. I don't think it's written very clearly, especially in terms of the language that comes out of his mouth. It's always always always ambiguous (at least up to this particular scene, especially if he's trying to go back for more and tells her "come here"). The closest he came, in Prom, had that alien metaphor that still kept things ambiguous. And it's the one thing I've been saying needs to go: either Amy decides that intimacy isn't that important to her, considering all the other happiness the relationship brings to her, or Sheldon declares his deal and the writers drop the ambiguity and make it clear Sheldon WANTS her. I am guessing they are going for the latter, given this turn of events. 


The other thing I was thinking is that the writers obviously feel that, eventually, if it came down to it, Amy would not choose sex over Sheldon. Why? Because they didn't have Sheldon propose in this episode. If they had had Sheldon propose, obviously, we could have had two outcomes: a yes, and no cliffhanger, or a no, and a cliffhanger. Obviously, they wanted the cliffhanger, so they must not think Amy would ever say no to a proposal, and therefore they had to keep her from knowing in order to get the shock value, or otherwise, why not go ahead with it? And if Amy would never say no to a proposal, even in the midst of all this, it means that she would never use sex as a reason to break up with Sheldon for good. I keep circling back to the fact that I think Amy just really wants to be desired and to know that "his heart is beating as fast as hers". I really don't know how they're going to write themselves out of this one, but my suspicion is that the end result will be Sheldon dropping the ambiguity about his sexual feelings towards her and that they're probably going to be engaged shortly thereafter. 

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I can go along with most of that Koops for sure.  I think you are correct that we haven't really even gotten the firm "he wants her" yet....and she hasn't either.  And one heated make-out isn't enough to convince her of this.  But I still think again it was the issue that brought everything out for her. 


And again...cannot stress enough that she just needs time to think so its not a full on break up....this is not a couple like Lenny that I would be concerned with them straying away....to go play the field. 


But into season 9 I do think we will see sexual tension with him showing more & more signs that he wants her bad... He is never going to be a Howard who basically asks for it.  Nor Raj to woo her, or even Leonard from day 1...that was CLEARLY sexually attracted to Penny.... But a little mixture of them all...Will they help him with this or will it be Penny?.  He is a very private person especially on this topic EXCEPT with Penny.....


100% we will see him desire her...and work on getting her to see & feel it. 

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I totally agree with Little Miss Purple.


I mean, if my boyfriend was thinking of some TV show during a make out session, I'd be angry.


But we're talking of Sheldon, not of any man. Sheldon, who is a 100% geek, and whose mind can never stop running.


Amy should know better. She should know that Sheldon thinking of a TV show while making out is totally him.


I also hate the " all I get is a distracted make out session" Really? After a ILY, an attempt at adopting a turtle together, a joint application to colonize Mars, and a sleepover?


So, yeah, Amy totally overreacted. I wish she would just apologize when she's getting aware of it.

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Sheldon is like that, then Amy can not be angry.Really?

Sheldon is like that but is not ok. Amy overreacted, yes, but she is not the only one who have to apologize.

I really do not think they have to apologize with each other.

Omg, I dont know how I feel hahahah

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Okay, take a deep breath. Take a step back. 


Okay, I'm centered now. After a discombobulating night of of speculation, SPECULATION, and feels, oh, the FEELS.... I've finally gotten it back up and have returned to make my  comments. I'll also be making more detailed comments (so this post & other stuff) on my tumblr. 


Let's do this thing.


  1. Kiss - wow. WAY MORE than I expected. A hot makeout session? Holy Stromboli! That's nuts!! I'm dancing! I've burned my pain and am now dancing upon the ashes! YES!!! I honestly don't think that Sheldon was trying to be insensitive, it's just the way he is. I AM surprised that Amy walked out on Sheldon. Considering all the crap she's taken from him in the past... this is unexpected. REALLY unexpected. Especially after that sleepover. 
  2. Ring - Cute, very cute. Though I'm not quite sure, maybe Michy or kazzie can answer this - did you guys see the ring? We shouldn't jump to conclusions if we're not absolutely sure. I'm pretty sure we'll gauge it alot better when the ep actually airs. 
  3. Future - this 'foreplay' - this is leading to something BIG. I didn't expect anything more intimate this season, after I realized the positioning of Fortification. Logistically, it wouldn't make sense for them to be more intimate than that. I'm thinking something big early season 9, but it depends on how the writers want to drag it out. 

That's all I'm gonna say on here. :) Great ep overall, looking forward to S9!

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I understand that Amy is still very insecure with Sheldon. She affirmed he was still a flight risk when they went shopping. She was disappointed that he preferred to play Dr. Who with the Tardis than to realize he was alone with her in her bedroom. I think sometimes we tend to see just the positive things in their relationship, but the little disappointments can lead someone to explode. And I guess Amy was in her limit, and that line about the Flash was just the missing spark. After 5 years, she deserves more. This last season was better? Sure. But as she mentioned while they were buying the turtle, their relationship is ridiculously slow. Not in a slow pace, their own slow pace. Ridiculously slow.

It's not that I am pessimistic about their relationship. I'm not. I'm just trying to understand how she felt. I think this break will be great for them. After 5 years of Sheldon Cooper this woman deserves a Nobel, and not in neurobiology. [emoji6]

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My take is Amy being patient has to do with their growth both physical & emotional.  She feels she is in it 100% and he is not (hence his mind being somewhere else).  She is tired of pushing to make things happen (and while he has grown this season, the ILY/Mars/Fort all happened because AMY brought them out).  She said first there was something she wanted to tell him, she was the one who said she wants to plan a future with him, she suggested the sleepover....


Girl finally gets a proper makeout and even that he ruins with his big mouth (but hey...its Sheldon so that was IC).  Should she know her man, yes.  Does she know him as well as she thinks NO....


And while yes, his body was saying more/more/desire....Amy wants his heart to be in it.  The fact that he was almost "going through the motions" while thinking of the Flash would deflate any girls feelings of themselves.  And we kinda know without knowing that Amy doesn't always feel desired.  But this was just the straw that broke the camels back.  I think the situation just made her feel like "enough, its 5 years and still no real movement....I am still a 30 something year old virgin, living alone, no definite future of kids, seeing all my friends entering their final steps....when will it happen for me".  This again is IC with Amy...we've all said she is a bit of a dreamer when it comes to romance.  And while she truly loves Sheldon its probably frustrating at the same time (especially thinking that NONE of that is ever happening for her).  I mean goddammit, he finally gets handsy and is thinking about The Flash!!! 


The fact that she says physically & emotionally proves to me its not all about intimacy.  Its clear there is a lack of communication.  She feels he isn't ready for any further steps.....but she has been voicing her opinions more this season which is why her "take some time" is actually more IC to me than if it would have happened in season 6 or 7. 


Like I said...when she finds out he has the ring (which I think she will) she will have a little egg on her face.  But on the flip side I want the role reversal, I want him showing she is #1. 


Having a vunerable Sheldon is good in the long run. 



I could see Amy and Penny commiserating on the premiere episode.  Amy goes on about Sheldon's Flash thoughts while making out.  Penny advises about how Sheldon's body language told a different story before Penny starts going on and on about how Sheldon was after them to keep setting a date after the discussion of the pace of relationships.  Amy figures out the proposal on her own because she knows how Sheldon thinks.  


She goes to him and when he confirms it, she tells him no and when he ask why, she gets her courage up and asks him if he finds her attractive.  He of course gets shy, but gets his courage up in turn and tells her his feelings.


They kiss, perhaps Sheldon requests a repeat of their date night, which they do, but put the brakes on sex.  He asks her to marry him, but she turns him down.  However, she tells him it's only for now because they need to work on their roles in the relationship and their intimacy communication, but will together.  When she is ready, she will say yes.  It may be on Sweeps or it may be the Season 9 finale, but it will happen.


I just about burst into tears when I read the report this morning, but I'm going to try to remember it's not a break up, but a break.  I have to be honest and I don't know if I will watch the show when it airs, but may later.

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I just hope this "break" won't be dragged on too long. I think it's such a cliche'. I was so loving seeing them doing nerdy stuff together this season, and be happy and smile and have fun. That's the show I like to watch, not tons of relationship drama. I do get that sometimes you need it, and this can be a nice way to take the lid off the can of worms that is Sheldon's sexuality, but I don't want to sit through 20 episodes of "we are on a break", when we have only two seasons left to go. It's time to move on to bigger and better things and new dynamics. I don't know what was the impression you guys got at the taping, in terms of where Amy's head is at. 

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The season 9 can start with a "awkward" meeting between them. When Amy goes to visit Penny for example, but Amy dont visit Penny finally because Sheldon is on his door and they make out for all the apartment hahahahah. Just wishing hahahah.

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Long story short, Amy complaining about Sheldon not paying attention to her and saying it out loud, GOOD, Amy complaining about Sheldon not paying attention to her after the whole season 8 BAD. It wasn't the time. 


But, if I look at this on a funny side, a horny Sheldon going after Amy on season 9 is going to be hilarious. We already know he has urges and even when his mind wasn't that into the make out, his body surely was. 


Let's just wait people, it's the train stuff all over again. Besides, it's a sitcom! let's joy enjoy the ride to the altar with them and eventually the bedroom.

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Just a moment to release the teenage in me before I will be able to thought about this like normal people do

Sheldon and Amy siting on the couch KISSSSSSING!!!

Okey I'm good now  :icon_cheesygrin:

So here are my two cents. I think I can see it from both sides,even while you all already said that very well. I can see Amy overreacting, but in the same time, I can see why. There is always last straw, can be really little one but the more important. There was a lot of  insecurity, disappointment, and quiet waiting in those 5 years. I can see Sheldon being shocked, or not getting her reaction at all. There is a stable pattern in his girlfriend's behavior - the patience, stability, rationality. Now she reacted in a way, he never saw or probably expected. One thing which always baffles me is how Amy always explains human behavior and proper social reactions to Sheldon, still she act with him like she wanted from him to just know out of nature. These two have a problem to solve of course and that's still their hard time in talking feelings. Let's face it, they like to do it way more with others than with each other. But for me the imperfection is what makes them perfect to me.

 I will be probably in minority but I actually like this little drama. I hope it will resolve in terms of few episodes but I'm looking forward Sheldon and Amy insecure, dealing with unexpected situation and emotions, in time of  crisis. We will have chance to see how they react to that situation, how they deal with time apart, how they are finding their way back to each other, I think this only will made them stronger. I see it as an opportunity for us to have even more heartwarming moments from these two. I just really hope it will not be another S8 premiere when everything will be solved by one sentence. I finally want to see Amy admitting her worries, whatever it is about her attractiveness or he fear of him being well known flight risk, or her fears he maybe isn't into this relationship as much as she is, which I think is more steaming from her own insecurities and experiences from hurt people caused her in the past. I want to see Amy who appreciate Sheldon for everything that he already done for her instead of worrying so much about tomorrow. I want to see Sheldon who helps her and will be the stronger one for time to time, helping Amy finding her confidence, giving her the feeling of security she needs so much and was giving him for years. I want her to be the person he will go to while having relationship problems. But as Amy we can't have everything today, and that's fine. We have another two years and would we do with perfect couple who doesn't move anywhere?

 I actually like that this plot happened now. If it did happened in season six, or seven I don't think it would fit Amy's character as much. She was still in the "I will do anything just don't leave me" phase. Girl grow some confidence this season and back then, I would be surprised if she would be brave enough to make this step. And in season 6,7 Sheldon cared for Amy deeply but he also was still in denial partly and full of fears. Back then I would expect him to react more in terms of "I will show you, that I can be on my own." or "I will just lock my feelings." After all of happened this season I can believe them they can resolve it as adults, making it experience which will move them forward and get them even closer. They made such of incredible progress, there was much more happiness than we would imagine last season, and there is mutual desire to be with each forever. Even while Amy was pissed, she still couldn't force herself to break up with him definitely, and as much as Sheldon was shocked and disappointed he forced himself to not being selfish or confrontational even when was disagreeing with her reaction. He gave her the time. They will stay together because that's their priority, and it will be beautiful for us to watch. 

To be honest, I'm still in too big shock to talk about the ring. Probably as much as Amy will be that one day Sheldon will get on his knee... :cheese:

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Maybe Amy will make out with Stuart, and when Sheldon finds out she will say "but we were on a break!"


Sorry, I couldn't help it [emoji1]

You know? I think that's why I loved Monica and Chandler the best. Ross and Rachel were always on and off, I hope this doesn't happen to Amy and Sheldon.

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