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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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It'll only be a matter of time until Amy becomes Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler - Cooper! :)


How awesome would it be if he took her name as well?  He'd be Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper-Fowler.


Oh, I just realized both of them have names related to birds--fowl and coop--and here Sheldon is (or was, until Lovey Dovey) pathologically afraid of birds.

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I've been reading and reading these posts. With some I totally agree and with others I can see their point as well. This is one of the final challenges for them to face. Both have been wrong due to a lack of real communication. I think Sheldon does need to chase after Amy and tell her how he really feels about her and this finale is setting up exactly this. Amy needs to figure out what she really wants as well. Does she want an idealized version of Sheldon OR does she really want SHELDON. 

He needs to tell her that if she's looking for conventional romance, then maybe she is barking up the wrong tree but after he tells her how he feels. He needs to remind her of all the things she has said ( love being a social construct and such) over the years but that he loves her unconditionally. Maybe he needs to turn the tables on her as well so that she wakes up and sees that he is indeed soooo into her. 


Season 9 has so much potential. 

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I really disagree and I think that’s trying to fit an unnecessary explanation into a story that has no evidence for it and doesn’t really need that explanation to make sense. The vast majority of the time when she brings up stories from her past she has this silly smile plastered on her face, recanting stories that appear sad to everyone else but, apparently, her. The prom one is a great example. "Did you go to your prom?"/"No, but I was on clean up crew" she says with a smile. The girls are like "Oh, that's sad." But Amy is all "No, it was ok! I got to dance with the mop!". Same thing about the story about her cousin taking her to that other prom or the junior prom. She was totally neutral there and not upset at all (not to mention, prom doesn’t necessarily have to have a romantic connotation - plenty of people go with friends as their dates). The only times she's been shown being sad about her past was when it came to friends, and wanting to have friends, and being excluded by her friends. And even then she often doesn’t seem to realize how sad some of her stories are (“I guess that story was more sad than funny”). 


Never once she has mentioned a situation where she dreamed of having a boyfriend as a kid or how she wanted Mr Perfect and instead Sheldon is so different from how she dreamed her first relationship to be. All the evidence in early S4 suggests the complete opposite. Lunar and Robotic: she goes on dates once a year only to please her mother and shut her up (and use the George Foreman grill). If she wanted a boyfriend, and her mother was pressuring her so much into getting one, why would she only date once a year? Zazzy: they call off the relationship and she couldn't care less. Desperation: she wants Sheldon to put up a ruse, again to get her mother off her back and states, bluntly, that the concept of romantic love is silly to her and Sheldon is smothering her. Parasite: she doesn't even know she can be attracted to a man, seems to view arousal as an inevitable burden and once she changes her mind upon realizing how intellectually dull Zack is, Sheldon proclaims "I'm glad you decided to reject your hindbrain and return to the realm of pure intellect"/"As am I”, implying that’s the state of mind she was in before. Weekend Vortex: Armin the horsebreeder, the boyfriend she made up to, once again, "get her family off her back". There are tons of lines where it’s shown how Amy was under pressure, left, right and center, from her family to “conform” and be normal and date and get a boyfriend, and yet she actively resisted that. Even after she met Sheldon. Intimacy: Penny is like “I’m not going to fall in love with Sheldon" and Amy comes out with “That's what I told myself". Her fanfic, where she clearly shows how Sheldon was the one who “opened her mind to new possibilities and her body to new feelings”, when before she was just the smartest girl around, who only saw boys as someone she was competing against on an intellectual level.


While I think one can happily debate about whether Amy *now* wants a boyfriend in general or Sheldon specifically, and I think the jury is split on that one (but I personally lean with the latter), I don’t think there’s any evidence to indicate that she always wanted a boyfriend or sat in her childhood bedroom fantasizing about her wedding and that now she’s trying to mold Sheldon into being the boyfriend she wanted all along, and is frustrated because he doesn’t fully match her childhood fantasies or the place she had left empty in her life for a man.


Also, if you're applying this kind of reasoning to Amy, why not to Sheldon also? Why is it only Amy who wanted romance all along but relegated it to the back of her mind? Why are we not saying that since Sheldon now obviously want to marry her, he, deep down, always wanted marriage? Or that he always wanted sex? Why is it ok to retcon Amy's story, when there's no real need to, but not Sheldon's? Why is Sheldon the stoic, intellectual teenager with a Nobel prize in mind whereas Amy is sitting in her bedroom dreaming of Prince Charming (when, actually, all we know is that she was performing surgery on her own feet when she was 15). Why is it so hard to envision a story, which is completely consistent with canon, where someone who had no interest in romance or relationships can change their mind due to their experiences?


I still stick to Bill Prady’s explanations of the difference between Sheldon and Amy: they both grew up quirky, weird, rejected and sheltered. The difference is that once Amy got a taste of the world she went “This is awesome!”. Whereas Sheldon continued to be indifferent. S4 remains one of my favorite seasons, and the one that drew me to this show, and the main reason for it is because I had so much fun watching Amy go from clone of Sheldon to her own character, in such a realistic and believable way. 


Yes! It's interesting to me that Amy is, in many respects, not just 'the female Sheldon', but also 'Sheldon without a circle of friends'. Sheldon, for all his stubborn individuality, has been shown to us surrounded by people who love him (Mary onwards), even if they don't always understand him. And this has had an impact on his behaviour. Amy initially was much more brusque and abrasive than Sheldon , which I thought was a function of her lower degree of socialisation.


And I get the sense that a circle of friends is one of the biggest things that her association with Sheldon has brought into her life, and, as you say, the thing we know she misses. Along with this circle, and a taste of the joys of socialising, may come a desire for other rites of passage, such as handholding at the cinema and conventional romance. But, even at their retconniest, the writers always gave me the sense that Amy is possibly even more socially stunted than Sheldon, in ways even she doesn't get. Add to that her headlong enthusiasm for new experiences, and you have a sublime cocktail of 'Good LORD, girl.'

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Did you guys read this?



Now that our Big Bang mothers are finally meeting, when are we going to get more scenes between the two most important women of Sheldon's life: his mom and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)?

"Not this season, but we're well aware that that is a dynamic that needs to be explored further," Molaro answers. "There's only so much we can fit into one scene. We're certainly not done exploring Sheldon's mom and Amy, but there's only so much we could get done this year. That is certainly floating around in seasons nine or ten."



Finally someone asked this question! Do you think they'll make us wait till season 10?

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I think the whole thing with the flowers is a minor point with Amy, but still kind of meaningful. I think it has less to do with her being a girl=wanting flowers than it does with her being an outcast girl who always wanted a boyfriend and probaby imagined a boyfriend who would do all those cliche things she imagined, just as she said that there were things that showed the world you had a boyfriend who wasn't made up--sex tape, hickies and couples costumes, and the way she had originally planned an Valentines Day date that included going out for dinner and exchanging gifts, which is what most couples supposedly do.

In the case of the Valentines Day date, she realized she was trying to make Sheldon fit a mold he just didn't fit into--that of a traditional, cliche boyfriend--and she was able to work around that.

But that doesn't mean that she doesn't still want, on some level, that "normal boyfriend" that she has never had. It's part of the function of the writing, to be sure, in going for quirky or going for juxtaposition of normal vs Sheldon, but I think that we've seen that part of her still wants all those things she felt she missed out on--going to prom, dancing with a date, "romantic" date nights, "romantic" gestures, long haired bare chested men riding bareback on horses...

But in reality, she had to settle for brain-stimulated orgasms and an electric toothbrush named Gerard.

So now she has a boyfriend and she certainly finds him attractive in her own Amy way--his sallow skin tone, his long lanky frame, his big bulbous brain, his ability to make brain diseases charming, his ability to optimize the deli section of a supermarket.

But for all the quirky things she loves, by her own quirky standards, I think there's still a part of her that can't quite let go of those fantasies about what it would be like once she got a boyfriend. He would sweep her off her feet with romantic gestures, which include buying her flowers on Valentine's Day or taking her to a romantic restaurant, or making out on date night.

I also do not think we'll see much in the way of exploring such an idea, but I do think that she's been kind of torn between what she wants or has always envisioned, especially now that she has that social life and real life boyfriend, and the reality of the kind of person she's fallen in love with.

I think that it happens to a lot of women--you imagine your own version of Prince Charming, with whatever personality, likes/dislikes, hobbies you would like to share, but then when That Guy comes along, well, he may hit on some of your "must haves" but likely not on all of them.

I always fall back on my Jigsaw Puzzle metaphor when it comes to relationships, especially ones that come along for those of us who have been single for some time.

You have the puzzle of your life--your job, your home, your social circle, your hobbies--but you're missing this one piece. It's that one piece that represents "Mr. Right". You imagine that when he comes along, you can more or less just plug him into that empty spot, maybe shuffle a couple of your other pieces around, like where you live, but otherwise, you think he'll fit right into that shape that you've formed.

He, on the other hand, has his own puzzle, made up of all the pieces representing his life, including that empty spot for "Ms. Right".

So when you meet, you don't just plug one or the other into the existing space.

No matter how compatible you are, you're most likely going to end up tossing all your pieces together into one big pile and then starting over, building your puzzle with a combination of your friends and his friends, your family and his family, figuring out where you will live--your place or his place or some completely new place.

In the end, your puzzle is likely to be completely different from how you imagined it.

I think the same is true for Sheldon and Amy.

Sheldon didn't even have a space for a girlfriend. He's got one for a Nobel Prize, to be sure, waiting to plug in that piece. And being as adverse to change as he is, he probably figured most of his puzzle was set for life. He couldn't imagine Leonard moving out, he couldn't imagine working in any field but String Theory, he couldn't imagine a change to his pajama rotation, for pete's sake.

Amy had a space for a boyfriend, perhaps, but a sort of secret one that she had apparently given up on, or had forced a Gerard-shaped piece into. She didn't seem to have even left a space for friends, because she seemed kind of shut down to the ambition to seek out new friends, probably from having been burned too often.

So when she meets Sheldon, and through him, the rest of the gang, she begins to dust off her puzzle and toss the pieces around with the new pieces labeled "Social Circle" and eventually, "Boyfriend". But I think that, just as it took her a while to figure out the balance of her social circle, how to be a friend without "wearing out her welcome" or making unwanted gestures, it has taken her a while to figure out what the Boyfriend-shaped puzzle piece really looks like.

Whereas she may have wanted a romance novel sort of boyfriend, or one like she may have seen in movies or other books, what she got was a Sheldon, who has a hard time giving in to his feelings, even when they're there burning a hole in his heart.

I think it's true that she perhaps doesn't understand the depth of his struggle to reconcile himself as he once was to the self that is in love and is now becoming more physically intimate. And maybe she hasn't made clear to Sheldon the clear truth of what she wants.

I think that many of us can be guilty of wanting another to figure out what we want, or what's hurting us without us having to spell it out. I think that sometimes we want that other person to be able to intuit our feelings, maybe because it makes us feel too vulnerable to have to admit our needs or our hurts.

And I really don't like this whole "Sheldon needs to chase Amy!" or the idea--and this surfaced last season as well--that Amy needs to tear Sheldon a new one and make him stay away from her until he can "mend his ways." I think that way of handling things is passive aggressive and unproductive. There should be no "upper hand" in relationships.

And if Sheldon has seemed to have the upper hand between them, then that's wrong, too, but Amy shouldn't respond by trying to take that upper hand herself. There should be no "hand".

I do think it's a matter of frustration and bad timing and perhaps Amy didn't spell things out clearly enough for him. I just rewatched a couple of scenes from the Mars episode and Sheldon is so proud of himself and his Mars application video and expects Amy to enjoy it as much as he does--he wants her to laugh at the idea of Leonard blowing pie out of his nose. When she says she's going home, he truly doesn't understand why.

When he confronts her on the stairs, he's still truly confused about what exactly she's mad about.

Sheldon can rarely intuit anything about another's emotional state. He may understand that the other is mad or sad, but he doesn't always put two and two together, especially if those emotional clues are given in anything other than a straightforward manner.

Do I blame Amy? Not really, given the information at her disposal.

But neither do I blame Sheldon. He's not aware of whatever frustrations she may have, and if the Flash comment is just the last straw, well, he isn't aware there were any straws.

As I said above, I think that Amy can be guilty of trying to make Sheldon fit her puzzle space and she's not perfect, either. Though she may be long-suffering in many ways when it comes to putting up with certain things about Sheldon, she also knows how to "play" him and manipulate him in some ways--the way she got him to not break up with her over the table, but instead got him to turn things around (until she "got cocky"), and the way she was again hoping for a typical romantic Valentines evening, trying to entice Sheldon by using the train. She got him to agree with the train, but then she wanted him to be her dream boyfriend and thought that making him happy with the train setting would turn him into that cliche traditionally romantic boyfriend.

When it comes to that aspect of their relationship, Amy is vulnerable to expecting that, and Sheldon is clueless, for the most part, about what that means. Whatever he feels for Amy--and we know it is love--he still doesn't feel the cliche gestures or doesn't find them meaningful, at least when it comes to her.

Totally agree. In my almost 3 yr marriage I'm Sheldon. I really don't get what other people think about "romance" and normal boy/girl stuff. I've literally kept talking when hubby is trying to kiss me or just start right back talking about something totally off topic after being kissed. I'm not a fan of touchy feely stuff so I really get him. That's one reason I'm such a big fan of the show. I've had people tell me how much I'm like him

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We already knew Shamy would be just fine, but this is a great confirmation of that fact.  :)  I'm so excited at the thought of Mary and Amy interacting.  I've been waiting for that forever!  I wonder if it will be over wedding plans?  I can see Mary wanting it in a church and Amy not being quite so sure...

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wait... today is THURSDAY???????????? ISN'T THERE A PROMO AFTER THE EPISODE AIRS FOR 8.24 TONIGHT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? A  PROMO THAT MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN ACTUAL KISSING???? 


FOCUS SHAMY FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :icon_eek: 

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wait... today is THURSDAY???????????? ISN'T THERE A PROMO AFTER THE EPISODE AIRS FOR 8.24 TONIGHT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? A  PROMO THAT MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN ACTUAL KISSING???? 


FOCUS SHAMY FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :icon_eek: 

I'm already thinking how am I going to sleep, knowing there's gonna be a promo tonight... 

Damn that time-difference!  :icon_razz:

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Actually, now that you said that about the roses, I was at that taping, and I'm almost 100% positive they were real.  They ended up giving them to a couple in the audience since they were there celebrating their anniversary.  They were seated behind us, and the flowers DID look real...

interesting. Mayim commented on one of her instagram photos of her ex -husband's lovely roses and that she's allergic..... oh well... nevermind. 


8.24 PROMO  TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amy- I wish you would be more romantic and put me first.

Sheldon- I can't give you the type of romance you are asking for because it's not me...  but I can give you all of me.  :help:


( yes... going crazy since last week and damn proud of it  :yes:

I'm already thinking how am I going to sleep, knowing there's gonna be a promo tonight... 

Damn that time-difference!  :icon_razz:

be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!! when did you put in that gif???????????????????????? i didn't see it earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok....aside from Molaro saying we will get an Amy & Mary scene, more proof that Sheldon & Amy will eventually be fine in season 9 & 10!!

Awww Steve, you are my hero!!!

Even though I KNEW a permanent break-up was extremely unlikely (if not completely outside the realm of possibility), reading this just made my day. TPTB have plans for Amy and Mary to meet again! There's no question that our quirky little lovebirds are going to be together! It's not something that TPTB need to conceal or tease...it just IS.

You got me right in the feels, Steve. And Kerry.

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Every woman in the whole world wants flowers from the man she loves!

and when she sees the man she loves gives his mother a beautiful bunch of yellow roses , when he never has given her a single flower(White, red, yellow, any flower....!?)

I understand Amy and her reaction about the revaluation and the space a little more! ( It is not only the Flash stuff!!)

No, every woman doesn't want flowers. I don't like to get flowers. I think they are a waste of money and unimaginative.

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