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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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Also, it's not necessarily Sheldon that needs to call them to abort the wedding. It could be Amy calling Penny, since she doesn't know what's going on with them? I don't think Lenny will help them fix the situation, but I think it's fairly natural for one to reach out to a friend in a time of distress, and Leonard and Penny have always tried to be there at least to listen to Sheldon and Amy when they've had issues. It's one of the things I always loved about the dynamic between these four, how they all seem to be there for each other when things get tough in their relationships.

My thoughts exactly. It is not that Amy or Sheldon would be trying to use Penny or Leonard to solve their problems for them. Rather, they would be seeking guidance and support from their best friends to help them.

Sometimes two people love each other very much but just cannot see eye-to-eye on a situation. Sometimes it takes insight from others to help remove the blinders so we can see what they are seeing that we don't see in ourselves.

Sheldon did this for Lenny by helping them to see that as much as they mock him for his slowness with Amy, they are really no different, just on a different area of their relationship. For instance, Lenny is all about the sex but stalling on marriage. Sheldon may be all about marriage right now, but still working out the kinks on his sex phobias.

Even after proposing, I still don't think Sheldon is going to jump on Amy right away, but he needs to assure her it is not a matter of "if" any longer, but "when".

So, my point is that this is what friends are for. Lenny won't solve ShAmy's problems but can guide them in the right direction. For example, It was Amy's urging that caused Penny to come to grips with her committment issues with Leonard. Sheldon, be at it in his own way, has pointed out how immature Leonard's acts toward Penny due to his insecurities. Lenny has and will continue to do the same for ShAmy, as their shippers.

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I'm glad to see that this thread isn't freaking out over Mayim auditioning given what we know about the status of Shamy.

I really don't think she'd be posting on IG about going to an audition before the finale of the season if she was leaving or anything like that. I think it's more a case of wanting to keep busy after the loss of her father.

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Nothing to concern..probably another project for the future or summer...

Have a question although....do you guys think she should have a chance to be lead actor (like 3 principals).. imo she is so important to tbbt like jim/kaley/jonnhy.... not bc others aren't...just the part was so fit into her.... just my idea...

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I'm not sure, but i think melissa and mayim already signed their contracts till season 10 (or 9...,not sure) before the negotiations of the past season, as supporting actresses...it is unlikely she became a lead actor...even if she deserves a lot!

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Jim, Melissa and Simon (and Kaley, I belive) made films during summer and in the middle of TBBT seasons. Mayim herself did The Candid Camera last year, and Jim is in Broadway till August 2nd.(also Kunal)  Why are you thinking she is going to leave the show? just because one audition in the middle of the hiatus??? Have you read Molaro interview?

Please, don´t worry!!!! SHAMY will be great next season!

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Let's just focus on how his thumb caresses her thigh in the first gif.

Oh dear, it's going to be a long hiatus...



I'm sorry, WHAT?? *rushes back to Tumblr to look at that gif again*


Can we not mention things like this? 


I had barely recovered and now this!


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Yes.  Beginning of season 9, Sheldon is going to tell her he desires her physically.  This kiss and the ring are our proof.  :biggrin:

Oh no...in slow motion with the eybrows, leaning in and the thumb....HE WANTED MORE!!!  And we know he tries for MORE....The stupid Flash was a cover!!!!  HOT DAMN!!!  This is our LIME Kiss MOMENT!!!


I really do need a moment...

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Oh no...in slow motion with the eybrows, leaning in and the thumb....HE WANTED MORE!!! And we know he tries for MORE....The stupid Flash was a cover!!!! HOT DAMN!!! This is our LIME Kiss MOMENT!!!

I think he's said a lot of things to cover, hide his TRUE emotions, etc. Some people have said the RA is a way to control Amy and keep her at arms length but I think it's his way of controlling himself around her.

I used to hate when he'd get out of date nights with those lame ass excuses of his but the more I thought about it, I think in his mind, too much of being around Amy would make him lose control and slip up. So he limits how much time he spends with her.

All those doubts she has and all those stupid comments of his he's made in the past is going to come back and bite him in the ass when S9 starts and we'll finally get Michy's wish.....Sheldon getting frustrated at the bitch that is Karma, slam Amy up against a wall and plant the mother of all kisses on her.

If the point is to show Amy (and the viewers) that he wants her PHYSICALLY, then this kiss in the finale is going to be nothing compared to what we'll see when he kisses her to prove to her that he DOES want her.

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