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[Spoilers]Shamy S8 Thread


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I kinda don't want a secret proposal scene. I like the idea of Sheldon respecting Amy's wish for space to think. As romantic as it may sound for him to run there and propose to her, it kinda strikes as a selfish thing to do. She has asked for a break after all.

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yeah...( and the break works well with the story i've written to continue this episode :p    ;)  ) hehehehe

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Literally, I'm shaking. If this secret tag scene os true, I'm gonna lose it.


Also, everyone is making a lot of noise with this, like if this was a big deal. I know it is, but they make it look like a BIGGER deal!

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On the upside.. I don't have to buy any helicopters now..


Honestly guys? It was a completely different ambience at the taping.. The reaction when he took out the ring was massive.. 


Right now. I don't know how I feel about the way it played out

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WOW!  I knew what was coming and it still hit me hard.  The look on his face was just.......oh man. 


I know how hard it was for Amy to step back and evaluate their situation.  Sometimes you have to do that for yourself.  It's only fair to both parties in a relationship.  I just can't wait until S9.  This sets up so many Shamy possibilities. 

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My heart is breaking. I have a whole different impression now than what came from the TR.

Did anyone else think that Sheldon was using The Flash as a cover for his readiness to commit to Amy, especially when he said to Leonard he is in for the entire run even if the quality declines. He seemed nervous during their argument with Amy.

- Should I start watching the flash? (should we get married?)

- Am I one of the things you are thinking about? Your One of the the things. I'll ask Amy? (How does she feel about long term committment, does she feel the same as me?)

- Excuse me, starting to watch a TV show that may be on for many years is not to be taken lightly. I'm wrestling with a big committment issue here. (Proposal on the brain)

His expressions, obsession with Lenny's wedding date, and demeanor all indicate to me that asking Amy to marry him was heavily on his mind. To him Amy was the one who was wrong because she ruined his plans.

When he said "anyway" and went in for more kissing, it seemed he tried to regain control over the mood and seemed exasperated that she stopped it.

Seeing this played out on screen, my heart goes out to both of them for this misunderstanding. The way Amy cut their conversation and said bye; Sheldon clearly looked broken.

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I know it's gonna be resolved soon (not soon enough though), but the episode was sadder than I had expected. I feel sad for both Shamy and Lenny. I never thought Leonard would cheat on Penny, and Sheldon seemed really sad while he was talking to the Gollum. 

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From The Hollywood Reporter:  http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-sheldon-amy-793742


'Big Bang Theory' Boss on Sheldon and Amy's Bombshell, Leonard and Penny's Big Chill


After five years, what was behind the decision to break up Sheldon and Amy?

We don't know exactly know where they are but after five years, I think the answer is in the question. They have been dating, this is the fifth anniversary of their first date and she can't even get through a make-out session without him thinking about television, so I understand her frustration. At the same time, I understand his side, which is how much faster do you think I can go with this? It's an interesting place for them to be; it seems very real and I think it's exciting that we're shaking things up.


Then you see the ring — with the great Lord of the Rings reference.

You see an indication of how much he does care about her. It's an interesting and messy situation that they're in.


How long was Sheldon planning on proposing? How much of this will be the genesis of season nine?

I don't know how long he's had that. I have an idea but I'm not going to tell you! (Laughs.) I don't know if the length of time matters so much as the situation where Amy has taken a legitimate step back that he was not expecting. That's really the headline here that we'll be digging into.


Will Sheldon work to win Amy back?

I don't know exactly what's going to happen but he's clearly fond of her. I don't think they're done speaking by any means. He's so fond of her — something is going to happen between them, I'm sure.


Will Mayim still be a regular? She hasn't been around much these past few episodes.

Without a doubt, absolutely yes. Mayim, on a personal level, had some family things she needed to take care of. That was the only reason she was light in those episodes. She's not going anywhere.


How does Sheldon and Amy's breakup change the group dynamic? She's close with everyone, especially Penny.

That's what we're excited to find out. It ripples through a lot of relationships and how they both handle this and what happens moving forward is what we're so excited to jump in on season nine with.


Even after five years, seeing the episode open with Amy and Sheldon making out is so jarring, even with Sheldon's emotional growth in the past five years with Amy. What's the next emotional step for him now? This breakup is a huge change.

I honestly don't know. Part of why I'm so attracted to it is that so much happens and goes down in this episode. Clearly he cares about her; but they may not be on the same page right now. In those final moments, that is not at all what he thought he was going to hear. It's not why he was calling. It's all fascinating. It's exciting, frustrating, sad and scary. It's a lot of feelings happening at once, which is part of why I think it's so exciting.

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