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[Spoiler Free] Shamy S8 Thread


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Where is everyone?


Are you dead? Did everyone die after watching tonight's episode?


I'm trying to take it all in. That episode was phenomenal. I laughed out loud so many times. I mean Amy writes fanfiction about her and Sheldon. I did not see that coming. Like just wow, I mean wow.

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Still my favorite Shamy moment. It seemed like such a huge leap for him. Something he wasn't even aware he wanted. Don't get me wrong, I love their progression, but this seemed to me the most "biologically" driven moment he'd had at that point. He wasn't overthinking or analyzing. Just feeling. Sigh.


I totally agree. It is my favorite Shamy moment by far. My favorite part is his reaction when their lips finally meet. The way it looks like he is going to break away and then he pulls back in to deepen the kiss. It is just amazing.

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Happy one year anniversary of the day I decided to join fandom. :laugh:

Nice! Me too haha.

That train SIK is still my favorite Shamy moment to date. Although, hopefully, we'll get something new soon that will surpass it. ;) We are, after all, in the second half of the season now, and that's when big moves start happening. Maybe Sheldon asking Amy to move in with him in the season finale? Can you imagine? Oh, the possibilities...

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Omg what an episode! I laughed so hard so many times, I absolutely LOVED this one! Fantastic, phenomenal episode.  I rated this episode "excellent", and I haven't done that during this season besides the Prom Equivalency. I enjoyed this episode to the brim and over! :) I loved the boys' science discovery story and Hawking responding to it.

And Amy and her fanfiction, I did not see that coming. No way. The tag scene killed me. This was by far the most hilarious episode for a really long time. This is something new water I have been thristing for a long, long time. Thank you TBBT, this is something I need more!

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