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[Spoilers]Leonard And Penny Season 8 Thread


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So, none then. And feelings aren't evidence.

Feeling is evidence, because you just started yours. That lenny are good. No issues.

Well, they're essentially talking about Sheldon and Amy, so it might matter for some people... [emoji14]

Yep. Because lenny would rather talk about Sheldon or Shamy than have sex or anything else. S8 for you.
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Although S8 isn't the best Lenny Season, I'm still always so happy seeing Penny and Leonard  together. Leaving for a date , mocking Sheldon together, coming home from a date, spending the day together with Sheldon and Amy,eating dinner alone,playing Emily or Cinnamon with Howard and Bernie, - to me all this is fun to see.I like the day to day stuff. They are the cutest,sweetest couple and I still love them even without the kissing and hugging. The smiles and looks and touches they share and exchange are proof of their passion and love for me.  :friends:


So, maybe I settle, but I'm enjoying Lenny and savoring their moments together. I look forward to each new episode and they all still make me laugh if they are Lenny heavy or not. I wouldn't have gotten hooked without the early, passionate, sexy , can't keep our hands off each other Lenny and I still watch the oldies. But now that I'm in, I'm in for the long haul. And I still find them damn adorable.


I know this is nothing profound. I just felt the need to be supportive of Lenny because seeing this thread silent and empty is really very sad.  :icon_cry:

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Ah, Strawberry! Those are some very lovely thoughts! With just the niblets and scraps that TPTB have been tossing to us all season, I wish I could feel that zen, that reflective about everything. It's depressive and heartbreaking, getting very little while waiting for your ship to come in.

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I used the word morsel to describe the Lenny presence in The Troll Manisfestation. For the record, the approprite ranking of a piece or quantity is:







whole enchilada,


all you can eat buffet!

Being the 'needy baby, greedy baby' that I am, I have backed down from wanting a Lenny 'all you can eat buffet' stance to just wanting an episode that is 'the whole enchilada'! Cannot wait for that!

5 Miss's post got me into the food metaphor thing. Like" Lenny crumb cake." Or (in the much derided Lenny singing to Sheldon scene) Leonard in his arm-baring tee-shirt, singing "purr, purr, purr" was a "delicious morsel of poptart"for me. "Purr, purr, purr."

Maybe for the gentlemen, Penny's exercise routine was a "luscious Penny tid-bit."Leonard and Penny amusing each other with their comments to Sheldon in his noise cancelling head phones was a very cute "lump of Lenny".


Maybe the writers are whetting our appetites for the hugh, spectacular "all you can eat" Lenny buffet which will be served before the season's end. I can dream delicious.

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I predict a return to acting for Penny as the season finale. Something along the lines of her encountering a now elderly and retired Hollywood actress while visiting a doctor client at the hospital. The actress is someone whom she idolised as a child and inspired her to act. They could get a guest star into play her... Can't think of anyone off the top of my head... Anyway she convinces Penny to not give up on her dream. Just a thought as to how it could happen if it does of course...

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I'm interested in the way Penny has been remodelled. When I started posting back in 2012 the argument was all about Penny is a slut, Sheldon's encounter count was "indisputable", she had no right to be so uppity because well, she's a slut and Leonard was wasting his time pining for her. Now she has fallen into the middle class; She has a good job, does charitable works for the unfortunates next door and has throttled back on the turps. I really hope they let her let her hair down again, and drag Leonard back in the semi-poverty-stricken world she used to inhabit. I think it would be a terrific arc if they show her turning her back on commerce and getting all creative again. And next time it wouldn't be sad, because we have been shown she can succeed. And Leonard can be attractively bemused and entertainingly perturbed. I think they could make this happen.

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