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[Spoilers]Leonard And Penny Season 8 Thread


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Don't know how much this endorsement will mean to people.  But turns out Greg Weisman is a fan of Leonard & Penny among all the shows he watches.


For those who don't know who Greg Weisman is, he was a creator to the 90's animated series "Gargoyles", one of the greatest animated shows of all time.  These last 10 years, he also produced The Spectacular Spider-Man (the GREATEST take on ANYTHING Spider-Man related), and Young Justice (a fantastic & my personal favorite take on the DC Universe).  Many see him as the animation equivalent of Joss Whedon.


Anyways here's the link.


Yeah I know the link is old, and his understanding of what shipping is IS a little off.  But the fact that out of all the shows he listed (even Game of Thrones), Leonard & Penny was the first relationship that sprung to mind for him (and the only one that he listed) speaks volumes IMO.


Maybe it's just gratifying to see someone as smart and accomplished as Greg Weisman being a fan of this relationship.  Of course it also helps that I'm a HUGE fan of Greg Weisman's work, :)

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Lenny imo is the most genuine, real not fake relationship on the shows history. It is one of the most realistically written couples on tv ever. So anyone who thinks their fake, considering how perfect they are for each other well defies all logic. But thats just me. 

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Continuing along 3kull's train of thought about Lenny being such a realistic couple, I was thinking that last night as I watched them interacting at the Angles game in the repeat. I realized how much I miss seeing them together as a couple. Lately  I've been feeling a genuine ache of missing them! In this scene,  they unwittingly provided the perfect rebuttal to Sheldon and Amy's pompous assertion that they weren't a "good" couple. They were a great couple, leaning into each other so close, smiling and laughing, totally relaxed, totally enjoying their time together, really savoring it. Those few moments of them happy and relaxed together are classic good Lenny, like so many other great moments we have gotten to watch them share over the years, so many little moments of the intimacy which they developed from their first awkward encounters. The looks, the touches, the hugs, the kisses, the whole package is an amazing culmination of their years together. They've matured, they aren't starry -eyed kids, but imo, they are still an adorable,sexy  and very sweet  pair.


I'm looking forward to Thursday's episode. It sounds awkward, funny, silly, sweet and sexy- all the things that make Leonard and Penny so endearing!I'm hoping it will relieve the ache of missing them. :girlsigh:

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I just came in to take a quick peak.. it seems like there was not a summary of the taping for tonight...which is okay I guess..no obligation...


I hope there is some Lenny though :) and we have two episodes coming up with some good scenes for our couple which I can't wait for...


But mostly I came in for two things: one, to share sadly that I had standby tickets for tonight's taping and was fully planning on trying to get in for one last time this season..turns out one of my jobs had some repercussions to me missing work today (I work in education and just started a teaching job). Paperwork issues that I just could not get out of. Obligations sadly call first. 


Second, I miss hanging out here! I know I haven't posted a lot but intense work hours for several jobs have not allowed me the time to post/share. I always try to come in check and like comments though. 


*waves a quick Hi! at everyone* 



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I am dissapointed at the lack of Lenny this season. Espeically seeing they are susposed to be the centre piece couple of that makes sense. It's like going to watch the Chicago Bulls back in the day and Michael Jordan is not playing lol. I was kinda expecting it though after they got engaged. They were going to focus on other characters. But still this Friday for me, great plot. More of that writers. I mean I am not asking for anyone major, Penny just needs to walk into the apt and give Leonard a kiss. Anyone that doesent give the impression they are platonic friends. 

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Kissing and Body Painting! :kissing: Oh my.

One episode does not a season make, but I'm still really looking forward to tonight! :icon_biggrin:

Lol. Funny how the Shamy are going bonkers about the Shamy hug and hand holding and most lenny s are not excited about the kiss or the body painting except SPTF & me ☺. What have the writers done to us. Lol. I'm excited tho.

Edit: Sorry and Old sailor. ☺

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I strongly disagree with Antonio's post, which is # 3428. While it might be true that the intimacy of the Lenny is implied and not seen, I don't watch the show for what is implied, but for what they show. That is what made me fall in love with Lenny in the first place.

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