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This sounds juicy. Group eps, are always my eps. Not since Friends, has a cast had such a stroke of luck, when it comes to the Ensemble Shining. A Scavenger type ep at a mall. Where they all go buy Christmas presents. The couples all go with others to buy presents. Sheldon goes with Bernadette to buy presents for Amy and Howard, Leonard goes with Amy for Penny and Sheldon. Raj goes with Cinnamon for Emily haha, and Emily we need another girl in the group. Well actually how about Penny and Emily go Christmas shopping? That would be interesting, how about theirs a waterfall near, they fight and end up in the water lol. Okay FF material, but they end up becoming friends because of it.

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I'm not that fond of Secret Santa. Would be better if they buy gifts for their partners.


Meh, too mushy and obvious, IMO.  I think Dirty Santa would be more fun--seeing who would steal what from whom and whose feelings might get hurt, who would be ruthless and who would be nice.


I'm up for the whole gang going shopping (or whatever) at the mall for Christmas, but I wonder to what degree Howard would embrace it.  I mean, he participated in the party last year, but does he really do Christmas?  Or does he do it now that he's married to someone who celebrates?

Anyway, I wish I could see all the IG pics floating around.  I have about 30 more minutes at work. *sigh*

Three questions--well, two questions and a comment:


1.  Since when is Johnny on social media?  When Mayim was posting all those pics of the cast reading Eric Kaplan's book, she said something about Johnny not being on any kind of social media.


2.  Why does Kaley appear to have long hair in that pic?


3.  Dee-zam, that nutcracker is huge.  It's nearly twice as tall as Jim!


Stuart should have one this year also.  Actually, so should Emily.


I can't address questions about the pics (can't see 'em), but Johnny just recently got on IG.  I don't know if he had the account before and just didn't publicize it, or if he just started the account in the last few days, but Mayim posted his handle and posted a pic with him.  He's been posting a bit over the last couple of days.

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What if it was like Scavenger and they all went to the mall together and teamed up to get Christmas shopping done


Sheldon and Bernadette as a team would be a riot.


That would be great if they miss matched the couples to go out Christmas shopping, an idea that worked so well in Scavenger Hunt - Sheldon and Bernadette rarely have scenes alone together, this could be interesting, not to mention downright hysterical.

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Okay everyone hypothetically suggest pair ups.


Sheldon and Bernadette


Leonard and Amy


Howard and Raj


Penny and Emily :icon_twisted:


Those pair ups could potentially be awesome, and hilarious. I really like Leonard and Amy scenes, haven't had those in a while. Sheldon and Bernadette obviously has a lot of comedic potential. But Penny and Emily, I like the most, they could become friends because of it. Similar to with Priya. They may talk about Raj's short comings :p.

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Since Sheldon has made so much progress lately personally, maybe interacting with Bernie might soften her up a bit, not permanently and not all at once. I just think it would be nice if they had a moment.

It would actually be interesting to see if Sheldon has even noticed that Bernadette has got a bit snarkier. Not sure how much has happened around him or whether Penny, Amy or Howard have said anything to him. But I think if they were shopping together it may not be the focus of the discussion. Would still like to see that conversation one day though. He's almost a grown man now, Sheldon, so seeing him in semi serious conversation with Bernadette ( he's had one with everyone else since mid season 7 ) could be good fun to watch.

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In one of the photos posted by Mayim on IG, Kunal photobombs her. Maybe Amy went shopping with Raj.

And her nutcracker picture is in front of different nutcrackers then the one Jim posed with. Or else she went through the looking glass and is now 12 feet tall... :p

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In one of the photos posted by Mayim on IG, Kunal photobombs her. Maybe Amy went shopping with Raj.

Tbh I don't really like that pairing but I am not eliminating the chance of them having something good. And maybe there are teams with more than two people. I would also like that.

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