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Press Release for 8.09  The Champagne Reflection



“The Champagne Reflection” – Sheldon says a tearful goodbye to “Fun with Flags.” Also, Leonard, Howard and Raj look for something significant in a dead professor’s research, and Bernadette is shocked to learn her co-workers’ true feelings from Penny, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Nov. 20 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. 

CHEAT TWEET: Help Sheldon bid farewell to #FunWithFlags w/ special guests @levarburton & @johnrossbowie #BigBangTheory 11/20 #CBS http://bit.ly/1qTGroo



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So Prady has not tweeted the Script cover still? That Odd.


I still think someone should have tweeted him about it--he was waiting for 10 donations to Tara's cause, but apparently he got the 10, but forgot his promise to post it.

Oh, well, I guess we'll know the title by tonight/tomorrow morning, after the taping report.

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I still think someone should have tweeted him about it--he was waiting for 10 donations to Tara's cause, but apparently he got the 10, but forgot his promise to post it.

Oh, well, I guess we'll know the title by tonight/tomorrow morning, after the taping report.


I did - believe me.

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I don't know if the observation has been discussed thoroughly already, but what's with Penny's change of wardrobe decisions this season!? Far too much clothing for Kaley who has seen to gotten back into great shape this year.

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I don't know if the observation has been discussed thoroughly already, but what's with Penny's change of wardrobe decisions this season!? Far too much clothing for Kaley who has seen to gotten back into great shape this year.



Cinnabun, I moved and made one small edit to your post.  Welcome to the forums.  

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@stardustmel77 R/H/L In the clean lab fighting a bird

@stardustmel77 Shedon shopping for a gift to ruin Amy's Christmas (not bad)


Me and Michy are heading back to do a report. Just be know it's good

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@stardustmel77 R/H/L In the clean lab fighting a bird

@stardustmel77 Shedon shopping for a gift to ruin Amy's Christmas (not bad)


Me and Michy are heading back to do a report. Just be know it's good



Honestly, I might be too quick to judge since I don't know the plot but if Sheldon is out ruining Amy's Christmas, this better end well for her.  I don't like it when he's out seeking revenge.  It makes me wanna slap him.

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Honestly, I might be too quick to judge since I don't know the plot but if Sheldon is out ruining Amy's Christmas, this better end well for her.  I don't like it when he's out seeking revenge.  It makes me wanna slap him.


The last time he tried to get revenge (because of Indiana Jones), it ended in a sweet scene.

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Hello, my lovely friends! Here is our taping report for tonight. I want to stress how helpful everyone was in contributing to this report, including Kazzie, MJIsTheBomb, dana1010, and PilotAndATC. There was a ton of playback in this taping, and it was nearly impossible to get it all, so I am truly grateful for everyone's steel-trap memories.


The episode is called The Clean Room Infiltration, story by Maria Ferrari, Tara Hernandez, and Jeremy Howe, teleplay by Eric Kaplan, Jim Reynolds, and Steve Holland.


There were some cute BTS moments I'll get to in a bit, but first, the taping!



COLD OPEN. Two takes. One pick up.

Apartment 4A. Everyone.


The gang all sit down to dinner and Penny asks Raj how things are going with his parents. He says not good, unfortunately – they've just hired divorce lawyers. Sheldon decides that this is a good time to inform everyone that if he ever needed a lawyer, he would not hire She Hulk. Penny is mildly impressed – that was almost on topic, right? Good for you! Amy is surprised to hear that She Hulk is a lawyer. Howard informs her that she works at a firm in New York, and Leonard points out that she's smarter than the original Hulk. But according to Sheldon (just between you, me, and the wall), she was an affirmative action hire.


Raj is stoked to see that, in his time of need, his friends care so much about comic books.


He brings the conversation back around to his family situation and tells the gang that his dad will be in town so he can't host Christmas dinner. (Sheldon can't figure out why it's okay for Raj to change the conversation from She Hulk.) Amy offers to host the dinner and invite Raj's father. She's always wanted to do a Victorian Christmas – parlour games, goose, figgy pudding. Sheldon is already over this idea. "You get all excited for pudding and then here comes cake with raisins in it." He insists he's not going, and Amy insists that he is. "Why do you hate me?" he asks. "I don't hate you," she says. "I love you." (First take was very matter of fact, second take was very cutesy.) Sheldon says, "Well, you call it love, but there's an awful lot of raisins."


Raj wishes Amy good luck getting anyone else excited about a Victorian Christmas because no one liked his Tom Hanks-giving idea. It seems that everyone is actually on board for Christmas, much to Raj's incredulity.  



SCENE A. Playback.

Cal-Tech clean room. Leonard, Howard.


Leonard and Howard are head-to-toe zipped up in bright white body suits with nothing but their cute little faces showing. "You know what's the best thing about the clean room?" Leonard says. "No allergies!" He demonstrates with a hefty inhale. Nope, that was a bad idea, that was a lot of oxygen.


The boys are excited about an experiment they're working on (something with multi-wire detectors). Leonard is pretty sure they're badasses. "Yeah, if we were still single, we'd be tripping over all the booty," Howard remarks. In the middle of stressing how very important it is that this room not be contaminated, a pigeon flies in. An argument ensues about whose fault it is. Who didn't close the loading door? Leonard wants to call building services, but Howard doesn't think telling them that they compromised all the equipment by letting in a flying crap machine is a very good idea.


They start to brainstorm how to get it out. Howard suggests turning off all the lights but one so that it'll fly to it. "It's not a moth!" Leonard cries. Howard says, "Don’t yell at me, you won't get any good ideas out of me if you're yelling." Leonard wonders if staying calm will get more brilliant ideas like turning off all the lights but one. "Now we're turning on each other," Howard sighs, "that's just what the bird wants!"



SCENE B.  Two takes. One Pick-up.

Amy's apartment. Penny, Amy, Raj, Dr. Koothrappali.


Penny joins Dr. Koothrappali on the couch and asks him if he had a long flight. He tells her it was twenty hours, and she says that's rough. "Not at all," he insists. "You know, the funny thing about flying transcontinental without your wife, you don't pray for the plane to crash." Raj arrives with drinks and begs him to talk about anything else. "How are things with you and Leonard?" Dr. K asks Penny. "Great, everything's good," she says. "I see you got engaged," he says, pointing to her finger. She admires her ring with a mile-wide grin and says yes. "Let me tell you a story," he begins, but Raj is quick to cut him off. Two takes had two different responses. The first was him saying, "My hair, my money, gone!" The second had him saying, "I'm sure you won't grow to hate each other."


Raj gets a call from Leonard and says he'll be right there. Amy asks what's wrong, and Raj explains that they let a bird into the clean room and he has to go help. His father offers to come with him, but Raj insists that he stay there and relax. "Relax?" Dr. Kooth wonders. "Easy for you to say. Your mother isn't cleaning out your bank account. Forty years, the woman has never cleaned a thing!"


At the door, Penny whispers, "Are you really going to leave him here?" Dr. Kooth is on the couch fuming. "Relax, he says!" Raj nods. "Yep, bye!"



SCENE C. Re-enactment.

Bernadette's car. Sheldon, Bernadette.


Bernadette is having the time of her life singing along to some Christmas music. Sheldon interrupts, "I appreciate your –" but Bernie is just not listening. She has too much Christmas cheer coming out of her face. Sheldon finally has enough and shuts off the music. Bernie wonders why. "In the last ten minutes," Sheldon says, "Santa has come to town, kissed Mommy, and ran grandma over. I had an uncle who did all of that and no one sings songs about him." Bernie suggests that he think about Santa like a super hero whose power is bringing joy to children. "My uncle was accused of that, too," he says. Well, this just got uncomfortable.


Bernie wonders what Sheldon is going to get Amy for Christmas, but Sheldon informs her that they are not exchanging gifts. "You have to get her something," Bernie insists. "Why?" Sheldon wonders. Then he laments how much Amy has already forced him into celebrating Christmas, including when they went Christmas tree shopping. "There was mistletoe, and she kissed me in public! We were like the stars of a Tijuana sex show!" Sheldon is convinced that he needs to teach her a lesson. ("Ooohs" from the audience.) Bernie wonders, like what? "It has to be heinous," Sheldon muses. Oh, he's got it. He's gonna buy her a gift. That'll show her. "Yeah, you're gonna have to walk me through that," Bernie says.


Sheldon explains how it's the social convention to exchange gifts, and how Amy would feel if she gets a gift from him but she has nothing in return. "So your evil plot is to get your girlfriend a present?" Bernie wonders. Yep, that's the plan. "So you'll both be sad?" Bernie asks. Yep, maybe she won't make him celebrate the holidays anymore.



SCENE D. Playback.

Cal-Tech clean room. Leonard, Howard, Raj.


Howard has a genius plan to get the pigeon down. He's got a garbage bag and a Slim Jim and he's pretty sure he can bait the bird with it. Leonard points out that it's a bird and not a stoner or a trucker. Leonard still thinks they should call building services, but Howard refuses and wonders why Leonard is being so hard on him. "You always do this," Leonard says. "You crashed the Mars Rover, you lost Raj's dog, and you almost drove off with that woman's baby." Howard is defensive – he didn't know the baby was in the car because it wasn't crying, until the mother punched him with her keys. Howard wishes Leonard wouldn't be so condescending.


Raj arrive and asks what happened. Leonard brings him up to speed: Howard's genius plan involves a garbage bag and a Slim Jim. He waves the Slim Jim, pointing out that it would never work, when the pigeon snatches it from his hand and flies off.



SCENE E. Three takes.

Amy's apartment. Penny, Amy, Dr. Koothrappali.


While Amy finishes up in the kitchen, Penny sits down at the table with Dr. Koothrappali. She wonders if he's going to start dating again. "It's too soon," he laughs, and then immediately, "Why, do you know someone?" She doesn't, "but if things don't work out with me and Leonard," she says, "I'll give you a call." First two takes had her following it up with, "That is, if you're still rich after the divorce." Third take had her saying, "Wait, how much do you talk about Star Trek?"


Amy comes out of the kitchen. "Let's get this Victorian party started!" she says, and we know it's about to get serious because she's taking off her apron. She's done a lot of research on traditional parlour games. The first one is called "Ball of Wool." You cannot believe how excited Amy is to explain the rules. "You put a ball of wool in the middle of the table, then people sit on opposite sides, and they try to blow the wool off the table!" This is the most exciting thing Amy has ever heard of.


Penny regrets to inform Daddy Raj that Amy is unfortunately taken, too.



SCENE H. Two takes, two pick ups.

Cal-Tech clean room. Leonard, Howard, Raj.


"You know what I think your problem is?" Howard launches into Leonard. "You and I used to be best friends until Koothrappali came along." Leonard is incredulous. "And what, you found someone to push around?" he asks. Raj wants to interject, but Howard warns him to stay out off it. "The reason Raj and I get along is because he doesn't think he's smarter than me," Howard says. "Actually –" Raj interrupts, but Howard reminds him, "I said stay out of it!" But Leonard wants to hear what Raj had to say.


"I was just going to say that you need to stop this now," Raj says. "It's bad enough that my parents are fighting, but now I have to hear it from you two?" He gets in between them. "Who cares who's smarter?" he asks. "Whether it's Leonard, or me, or – you know what, it's Christmas, let's say it's Howard."


"If you're so smart," Howard wonders, "You get the bird back." Raj thinks that's stupid; "You're the one who let him out," he points out. "How do you know it wasn't Leonard?" Howard asks. Puh-lease. "Come on!" Raj cries.



SCENE J. Two takes.

Mall. Sheldon, Bernadette.


Sheldon and Bernadette walk through a mall. Bernie points out a sweater on display. "How about that sweater?" she asks. Sheldon sizes it up. "No, it's not good enough," he says. "It has to be perfect." Bernie says that the sweetest gifts she's gotten from Howard have shown how well he knows her. "Let's see," Sheldon muses. "What do I know about Amy?" They stop walking and Sheldon's face completely softens. "She likes medieval literature; Chaucer is her favorite," he says with a fond smile. "Her eyes sparkle when she watches old French movies. And I enjoy how harp music makes her fingers dance as if she's playing along." The stars and the moon are in his eyes. "You really love her, don't you?" Bernie says. Sheldon is completely smitten. "I do," he says. And a beat, "Now let's find a gift to make her feel small and worthless."



SCENE K. Two takes.

Amy's apartment. Penny, Amy, Dr. Koothrappali.


Amy is poised at the end of the table. She takes a deep breath. She puckers her lips. And she blows. The little ball of wool tumbles across the table to her opponent. With complete apathy, Dr. Koothrappali returns the serve. Amy is gleeful to have the ball back in her court, and she breathes in for another serve. With stone cold boredom, Penny watches the wool skirt across the table in front of her. First take had the wool pretty close to Dr. Koothrappali, second take had it land roughly in the middle of the table, forcing him to lean over the table to make his move. He huffs and he puffs and he blows the wool clean off the table. Amy is enthralled. "You win!" She cries, collecting the spoils from the ground. "Doesn't feel like it, does it?" Penny wonders.


Mr. Raj is sentimental. This reminds him of the themed parties his wife used to throw all the time. "That's probably where Raj gets it from," Penny says. "Well, they spent a lot of time together when he was young," Daddy says. "I was always at work." Penny has an amusing thought. "Raj is dating a doctor who works a lot. I guess he and his mom have a type. You've got to laugh at that!" she says. Clearly he does not have to do any such thing. "No? Okay!"


"Emily is great," Amy says from the kitchen. "She's pretty, red hair, you know she's a dermatologist?" Daddy already knows. The first thing Raj did was make him feel how soft his skin was. Then he informs the girls that he and his wife always thought Raj was... hmm, how should be put this... "incredibly gay." Amy wants to set the record straight. "Raj does quite well with the ladies," she informs him. "You already let me win the ball of wool," Daddy says. "You don't have to lie to me, too." Amy comes back to the table, insisting, "No really, just ask this one!" She thumbs in Penny's direction.  "You're saying, you and my son..." Daddy asks. "Kind of," Penny says. "It was just one night, and it was long time ago, and why are we even talking about this?" she wonders, eyeing Amy severely.


"There's still so much I don't know about my son," he says, pulling out his phone. "Excuse me." He steps away from the table, putting the phone to his ear. "I know we hate each other right now, but you'll never guess who our son did!" Two different takes had different reactions from Penny. One had her glaring at Amy. One had her hanging her head. Either way, Amy is realizing maybe that wasn't the best thing to have said.



SCENE L. Playback.

Cal-Tech clean room. Leonard, Howard, Raj.


Pigeon stares down at our boys from on high. The boys are ready to go with a fire extinguisher and a blanket. Leonard will use the extinguisher to make the pigeon airborne, Howard will shoo him with the blanket, and Raj will open the plastic flaps in the doorway to get the bird out. Howard sarcastically wonders if an idiot like himself can be trusted with the blanket. "You want the fire extinguisher?" Leonard asks. Actually, Howard would, thank you very much. The boys swap. Howard charges into battle with the pigeon, but he forgot to pull the safety pin (which Raj points out.) Annoyed, Howard pulls the pin and blasts the little birdie.


Mr. Pigeon drops dead out of the sky.


The boys are thrown into an instant panic.


Maybe he's not really dead? Nope, that thing is not breathing. "Not again!" Howard cries. Wait, what? Howard explains that when he was ten, he accidentally sat on a blue jay. He tried so hard to revive it with electricity but it just caught on fire. The boys are appalled. The worst thing, Howard tells them, was how delicious it smelled.


Leonard is already on his phone looking up how to perform CPR on avian comrades. Howard expects Leonard to do it, but Leonard wonders, "Why me? You're the one who killed it!" Filled with remorse, Howard drops to his knees and puts his mouth all kinds of over the bird's beak. And hell, that thing tastes like a Slim Jim.


But perhaps osculating a pigeon was worth it after all because the wing is moving and the bird is breathing. The boys rejoice as Howard scoops it up into his hands. He brings him over to the door to let him out. Raj opens the flaps and swoop, a crow joins the party. "Someone should really close the loading dock," Raj points out.



SCENE M. Playback.

Mall. Sheldon, Bernadette, Santa, photographer.


Sheldon sits on the lap of an extremely confused Santa. "So let me get this straight," Saint Nicholas says. "You want to take a picture of us to punish your girlfriend?" Sheldon is quite amused with himself. "Yes," he says. "Feel free to put me at the top of your naughty list." Santa is not convinced. "I think dating you is punishment enough," he says. "An argument can be made for that," Sheldon concedes, "But I want to be sure." The photographer tells them to smile, and Santa ho-ho-hos himself into a forced smile.



SCENE P. Playback, live action, playback. Two takes.

Cal-Tech clean room. Leonard, Howard, Raj.

Amy's apartment. Penny (Amy, Dr. Koothrappali)

Leonard's car. Leonard, Howard, Raj.


Crow stares down at our boys from on high. Raj is in a complete state of hopelessness. The experiment is compromised, everything will have to be shut down. Howard is devastated. "You were right," he concedes to Leonard. "Call building services, tell them it was my fault." Leonard points out that they're both to blame. "Let me take the fall for this one," he offers. Raj just wants to be left out of it. "If they see crap everywhere, they're going to blame the Indian guy."


Leonard gets a call from his lady. He asks her how the party is going. She tells him it's pretty boring, although things picked up when Amy inhaled a ball of wool. She wonders how much longer he's going to be. "There's still a bird in here, we're gonna get in a lot of trouble," Leonard tells her. "Honey, it's Christmas Eve," Penny says, "Who even knows that you're there?" Leonard tells her that their names are on the sign-in sheet. "So erase them and walk out," Penny suggests, but Leonard says they can't do that. Howard wonders what, and Leonard repeats what Penny said. "Yeah, we can't do that." Or can they?


Cut to the boys completely shredding "jingle bells" in the car on the way the hell out of there.



SCENE R. One take.

Amy's apartment. Everyone, Dr. Koothrappali.


Raj really enjoyed the figgy pudding, but Sheldon is still heartbroken over the raisins. "Actually, they're figs," Amy points out. This completely changes Sheldon's mind, and now he's team Figgy Pudding. Dr. Koothrappli offers to help Amy clean up the dinner table, but she waves this off. He already Heimliched wool out of her, so he's good. Bernie wonders why Howard was so quiet, he didn't even finish his goose. It reminds him too much of blue jay.


As the gang start to bring the plates into the kitchen, Sheldon asks if they should exchange gifts. Penny says they didn't bring any tonight. Leonard asks, "Don't you hate exchanging gifts?" Sheldon admits that's true, and that's why he got Amy this. He pulls out a gift bag and hands it to her. She's touched. "You got me something?" she asks. "How does that make you feel?" he wonders. "Guilty? Wishing you were Jewish?"


She peeks in the bag and pulls out a photo frame. "Aw, look at you on Santa's lap!" she coos. "Isn't it perfect?" Sheldon asks. "How about now?" He leans over and presses a button the frame, and a message begins to play out of it in Sheldon's huskiest voice. "I hope you treasure this as much as I treasure you." Real-life Sheldon is mouthing the words along. Amy is completely moved, but Sheldon is determined to ruin the moment. "And you didn't get me anything!" he declares. "Christmas is ruined!" Amy looks distraught, but only because Sheldon is misinformed. "Actually, I did get you something." She heads over to the Christmas tree and retrieves a gift from under it. "You got me something?" Sheldon wonders. "We said we weren't going to exchange gift." "I know, but you got me something," she points out, handing him a box. "Open it."


Sheldon looks concerned but he opens the top. "Cookies?" he asks.


"They're the ones your meemaw used to make you," Amy explains. "I called her and got the recipe." Sheldon takes a bite and is completely won over. "They're perfect," he says. "They taste just like her hugs."


Christmas is saved.


"You're happy," he says, "I'm happy. Maybe a Christmas that's all about giving can be –"


I'm sure he had something totally heartfelt to say here, but Raj commits the ultimate crime against Sheldon, humanity, and Christmas cheer by reaching for a cookie. Sheldon is not having any of that, and he slaps Raj's hand away. Those cookies are not for you!



TAG. Two takes.

Amy's apartment. Everyone, Dr. Koothrappali.


Everyone sits around the table as Amy stands at the head explaining their next thrilling parlour game. "It's called Hot Boiled Beans!" she cries. "Of course it is," Penny says. Amy explains that one person leaves the room while the rest hide a small item in the room. Then the first person is invited back in by saying, "Hot boiled beans and bacon for supper, hurry up before it gets cold!" (Second take had Mayim delivering that line with quite the Old English accent.)


"If you think this is better than Tom Hanks-giving," Raj cries, "YOU'RE ALL CRAZY."

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Sounds like the writers have a hard on for Shamy per usual. Only characters that seems to get any good storylines these days. Even Shamy kiss more then Lenny now LOL. Thanks for the report, sounds like a great plot overall. Guys plot sounds good.

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