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For BTS!


We had a prime view of the boys' apartment and the mall, but basically only two scenes got taped live in front of us there, so there won't be much. But here we go.


For the cold open, Mayim grabbed a script from someone off production to review her lines, and Jim came over and was reading along with her. Mayim and Melissa were chatting a bit before the taping (they were next to each other on the couch) and Simon joined in as well. Kaley was already started on the food before the first shot.


In scenes B and K, Brian George kept messing up his lines (particularly the "Relax?" and "The first thing he had me do..." lines) and he dropped a few f-bombs. :laugh: Kunal was singing in the background before scene B taped, and I think I heard him say, "It's a real song!"


Scene H was taped on a swing set off the center stage so no one could see it, but we saw the boys walk by to get there. Kunal was in his body suit when Johnny walked by and he love-tapped him on the way over. During the scene, Johnny was about to say his, "Say what you were going to say," line, and he flubbed it a bit and then told Simon, "You spit something directly into my mouth." 


In Scene J, Jim flubbed the line a bout the harp music so they reset. The first take they did, we awed during most of the scene, and on the second take they asked us not to, to get clean audio on the dialogue. And I positively cannot emphasize enough the complete love and adoration on Jim/Sheldon's face during the "What do I know about Amy?" speech. Like nothing I've ever seen on that man's face before.


During Johnny and Kaley's talk with the audience, Johnny came up chewing a huge wad of gum. Kaley called him out on it while he was talking. "Are you eating something?" He got a little embarrassed and said, "On my way over here, there was a giant gumball. It called to me. It was free." When Kaley was giving her part o the speech, Johnny leaned over and whispered to her and then she said, "No, I don't any gum!"


At the end of the tag scene, Jim very quickly broke character and smiled/laughed. 

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Before I go to the land of nod.. I wanted to share another amazing ting that happened tonight :)


So a lot of you know.. I regularly tweet Bill. And I am lucky enough to get a reply now and then. Today I tweeted him about thai food, as we talk about food a lot :p


So today when we were sitting in the audience before anything had started.. I saw Bill walking around the camera lane. We was only the second row and no one in front of us. So I shouted "Hi" to him. He looked at me, Shouted hi back, smiled and walked off.


A few minuets later. He walks back over to our section, looks over to me and calls over to me asking how the thai food was LOL. I joined him at the barrier for a chat that lasted quite a while! He asked me if I really travelled from London for tapings and when I confirmed he laughed and told me I needed to get a new hobby haha! He was asking what I did for work and how I manage to get to tapings all the time. I was completely honest and told him that I work myself silly. He seemed really impressed and just kept saying "Oh bless you!" We also spoke a bit about social media. I was telling him how we love his twitter interactions, thanked him, the cast and crew for having fun with us fans, And told him how they make our day's with it. I assured him that us fans are behind him 100%. We support the show, will help with donations and help spread the word when it comes to that sort of thing. He seemed very flattered to have such a strong fan dedication :)


So guys. Bill is really one of a kind! Genuine, friendly a top top guy. :)

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I'm not that happy about this episode, mostly because they have to bring Penny and Raj's night up again. I mean, oh my god, just let it go already and stop humiliating Penny. Seriously, whenever Penny and Raj are in a scene together, they bring it up and make her look like a bad person. Or some piece of garbage everyone "DID" in the past.

Also, almost no Penny/Leonard scenes in a Christmas episode is kind of a deal breaker for me, sorry :(

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Thanks for the report Mitchy!

Love it that Bernadette and Sheldon are hanging out in that episode! Its just perfect! Can`t wait to see it.

And the gift from Amy to Sheldon is so wonderful! Love the Shamy so much!

But I wish Penny would have given Leonard a present.

And its good that Raj´s dad came. So cool we finally really see him and not just via Skype. But I hope he gets back together with his wife.

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As the gang start to bring the plates into the kitchen, Sheldon asks if they should exchange gifts. Penny says they didn't bring any tonight. Leonard asks, "Don't you hate exchanging gifts?" Sheldon admits that's true, and that's why he got Amy this. He pulls out a gift bag and hands it to her. She's touched. "You got me something?" she asks. "How does that make you feel?" he wonders. "Guilty? Wishing you were Jewish?"



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Anyone else notice how much time they are having Leonard spend on work this season? He was the focused one in " Focus". It is him and the other guys cleaning out the office, and in the clean room. All the while Sheldon has been in his happy love bubble with Amy. Makes me wonder if it won't be Leonard to make the next great discovery.

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