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The writers can break Shamy up if they want. Are people going to stop watching the show if it happens? Emotionally he has grown but still has a long way to go. In the last episode he was sitting in Santa's lap. Penny's career is looking better than his. If one of the guys make some discovery or got a promotion how would he react? With his career at seemingly an all time low anything negative could cause him to think Amy was the problem. I don't think there going to break up but I could see the writers writing it in a way that it could happen.


Sheldon wasn't sitting in Santa's lap to ask for toys for Christmas like a child.  He was having a picture taken that he knew Amy would like.  Sheldon's not really all that fond of Santa (and he certainly knows that the guy in the suit at the mall isn't real.)

It was just for the picture for his girlfriend.


Yes, Sheldon has a lot of emotional growth ahead of him--or at least in being able to let go of his pride and admit his feelings.  He seems to be more and more able to do that with Amy than with anyone else, and I think that's fine.


I don't think that Sheldon's career is necessarily going to stay where it is.  He's admitted to Raj that he's worried about having to start over from scratch, essentially, but that doesn't mean that he would blame Amy for any of that.  He's the one who made the choice to switch his area of study.  He could have continued in string theory if he'd really wanted to.  And he knows that she understands his pride in his work--she was the only one who understood how he felt about his accidental finding (even if it turned out to be false.)


He's already weathered Howard going to space and Leonard getting to go on that Hawking expedition.  He might have groused about it a bit, but it's not like it sent him on a tirade or a breakdown.

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Well, Sheldon certainly took it to mean immediate plans! :)


Maybe they decided not to push the issue because of how he reacted (if you're trying to explain L/P not mentioning it).  From the writing perspective, though, I think they needed some stresses that would push Sheldon over the edge, so they had his job, the moving out and the moving in, the loss of Stuart's store and the lack of refuge from that stress.  I do think that they've come to think of the summer as a time to send someone away, and I'm okay with that, so it was Sheldon's turn.

And, really, the amount of stress such things would put on him is legitimate for him.  What they did with the resolution may have been less than perfect for some, but that's a separate issue.


But much like Leonard's time away, there's no real major impact once Sheldon returns apart from the immediate episode.  I think that if there is any consequence--and they have not really stressed it as a direct result--it could be said to be his more open attitude toward Amy, which led up to his ability to say that he loved Amy in the Prom episode.


I think the train trip gave Sheldon time to ponder the advise the psychic and Obi-wan Proton gave him, and despite his declaration that he didn't feel any different after his trip, it did change him in that he has appreciated Leonard more as a friend and Amy as his girlfriend - it's been a kinder, gentler Sheldon this season :)

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Obviously. Woloppali is endgame. 




Of course that scene was a Sheldon dream sequence, so he is obviously a Woloppali supporter :sarcastic:


Yeah but I wanna ask the real questions. How come there hasn't been any Cinnamon yet in S8? :crying:


The lack of Rajamon scenes has been disappointing :(

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I hope she'll keep the haircut. Seriously, I like it! Is that your kitty btw? :)

Yup. The kids named her Penny to suck up to me. And I''m good with the hair too. it marks a new phase.


And @MichyGeary, its always nice to see Cap'n Tightpants. I wonder if he would ever cameo in TBBT -  I'd require sedation after that.



I know some of you have made this point more eloquently, but that's not my style. :p


I cannot figure out why some are whining and complaining (for over 24 hours now). Lenny is not the only couple on this show. No matter how bad you want it to be, it is not the Lenny show, just like it's not the Sheldon or Shamy show. There are going to be times where they are the front runners and other times when Shamy is. Without Shamy developing, you're going to be stuck with Sheldon the man-child for the rest of the series, therefore these plots are necessary. I think we can all agree that we don't want Sheldon to be a man-child, right?


Shamy had 2 big episodes last season, the rest were small plots and in several episodes they had no scenes together at all. Lenny got engaged and were the focus of many plots leading up to that.


The only thing I can empathize with is the lack of kissing, everything else is just whining like a child.

Not denying it - see the label  - but I do remember a spate of table flipping in the past. Really, being here at all is not really a wholly adult occupation. LOL. I think a lot of this is letting out the inner child. And as some old dead codger was quoted as saying - just because it's happening in your head, doesnt mean it isn't real.

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