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I got a day-old half-bagel left over from something from yesterday here at work and when I bit into it's tough chewiness the first thought that popped into my head was Sheldon's quote--"Stale pastry is hollow succor to a man bereft of ostrich..." :p

new pic of the guys in a womens clothing store....hmmmm.....(posted by Mayim)





All of the guys? Hmmm...

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No, I think she was referring to Johnny's face.  Jim and Mayim are smiling and Johnny is in between them scowling


OIC.  Just wondering because people are always trying to read crap into pics on IG.

Like some people were trying to imply something because Johnny and Kaley were almost never in the on-set IG pics by Mayim or Jim, while Kunal and Simon were, etc.

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I need something Big Bang Theory. — Mandy

When Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Amy settle in for another round of board games, the ladies decide it’s high time that the boys do something they want to do: go shopping! And by shopping I mean sitting in those uncomfortable chairs, holding Amy and Penny’s purses.


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Oh this will be fun.  Maybe Penny gets Amy to try on something "scandalous." 


And I want to see Sheldon hold Amy's purse, my husband has a huge aversion to holding mine.  I need to be able to point out that even Sheldon will hold a purse.


You know, Sheldon did help Mrs. Wolowitz try to stuff herself into various dresses, even spraining his wrist trying to lift her bosom... ;)

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There is no reason clothes shopping should be as mind numbing as it once was for men that age. The guys have smart phones and there is probably free wifi. Now if the wifi goes out or their batteries die they will be roughing it like we did in the 90's. I used to stop and pick up a pocket book when I could get away with it.

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