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Guest Loyal to SPQR and Shamy

The taping should have started or should be starting soon. Best of luck to those who may be going, whether Shenny, Shamy, Lenny, Howardette, or Rajemily (or whatever their official ship name is)... and may they provide a fruitful taping report for us to enjoy, belabor, (and hopefully) lose sleep over!  :fi_lone_ranger:


As a Shamy shipper, I am crossing my fingers for some more goodness... though that will probably be pushing it, considering the enormous amount of Shamy already given to us by the writers!! But still, always safe to cross one's fingers.


Though not a particular Lenny fan, I am also crossing my fingers for them... to get some romance and cute moments in. I will admit, they have really been shoved aside this season. Hopefully some more spotlight for them in the future.


For the rest of the ships, may good things come for them also! 


Once again, best of luck at the taping. Wish I was going with y'all!  :icon_cry:


As for the sarcasm sign..... I'm like Sheldon. never get sarcasm. In high school, my Latin teacher had to use his sarcasm sign because I would take everything seriously, like, 'macrons on the test? 185 points on the quiz? Ahh!' Like Sheldon, I'm working on it.... Don't judge me too harshly...  :icon_redface:

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As of right now, I believe that batman75 got in (otherwise I think we would have heard otherwise. Michy mentioned that she wanted to go, but didn't think she would make it due to work. I haven't heard anything else from Michy so I have no information on whether she went or not.

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