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Oh thanks for the info, Dana! Sounds like a really fun time. Any choreographed dancing makes me happy because I can live vicariously through them since I can't dance anymore due to my knee injury, from dancing. Boo. 


I think I am more excited for the video of the flash mob than the taping report.  :p


From what we know about the episode it doesn't sound all that exciting. I am glad Amy kicked Sheldon out for being a pain in the ass. I will reserve any further judgment until I read more.

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Okay here is a quick summary of what happened at the taping.


Opening scene is Sheldon working on dark matter and figuring out why proton's decay. Leonard and Penny come in and say they are going out. They are dressed as if going on a date. Sheldon asks them if they can test out his noise cancelling headphones. He puts them on and Leonard and Penny have way too much fun telling him things that he can't hear. Examples include: "One time I was too lazy to walk over to my apartment so I used your toothbrush." "I haven't changed the water filter in two years." And then the last one was "One time while you were sleeping Amy took off her........", then Sheldon takes off the headphones and Leonard says "you are the best roommate ever". Sheldon is sad he missed it and they leave. Sheldon wears the headphones and tries to concentrate on his work, but all he does is keep saying proton decay and then is interrupted by Leonard coming home. Basically he didn't get any work done all night.


The next scene Sheldon is in his pajamas on his spot and tells Leonard he is not going to work with him because he is sulking about not getting any work done. Leonard leaves for work and leaves Sheldon there.


The next scene it sounds like Penny is in distress, so Sheldon runs over to her apartment and finds her doing some kind of workout. Sheldon says it sounded like maybe she was being murdered over there or having spontaneous coitus with Leonard. (Some stuff is talked about, don't really remember the details, so we will just skip over that.)


The next scene is Leonard, Raj, and Howard eating in the cafeteria. Howard has come up with what is now my new favorite game, Emily or Cinnamon. Basically you hear a quote that Raj has said and you guess if it was said to Emily or Cinnamon. A couple of them were, "the bed feels so empty when you are not in it" and "I bought us matching sweaters". (I will let you all play the game and figure out if it is Emily or Cinnamon :) ) Sheldon walks in and Leonard says I thought you were staying home today. Sheldon says he was but then Penny made me realize (something, I can't remember), but now he is at work. He then goes on about how some researcher realized that you work your best when your anxiety levels are up or something along those lines. Sheldon complains and says he has too perfect of a surrounding and he asks the guys to keep him on his toes, basically go out of their ways to make him miserable. The guys look thrilled and excited about this idea.


The next scene Sheldon is in Amy's lab and he is wearing a weird brain cap thing that has a bunch of wires on it hooked up to a computer. Amy has Sheldon due some solving problems and he finishes in 33 seconds. Amy says this will be the baseline and now we will see what happens when we add an anxiety factor. He begins the problems again, and this time Amy grabs a balloon and starts caressing it making loud annoying sounds that make Sheldon annoyed. Finally he is fed up and grabs his pen and pops Amy's balloon. Amy says she is sorry but they need to raise his anxiety levels and he already said no to listening to folk music, something I can't remember, and watching Amy eat a banana. Sheldon then asks who eats it horizontally and Amy says that's how her mom said good girls do it.  They still haven't gotten Sheldon's anxiety level up and Amy tells Sheldon what would it matter if he only did solid research and never made a discovery. Sheldon looks pissed off and rises to his feet and starts getting mad. Amy then smiles and says look at the screen your anxiety levels are where they are supposed to be. He gets all excited until he realizes that they are going down. He asks Amy why they are going down and she says because he is less anxious because the results are going up. This leads to a humorous banter of yay they are going up to boo they are going down. 


Raj,Howard and Leonard at the apartment still playing Emily or Cinnamon. Sheldon walks in and tells them that he knows the perfect way to increase his anxiety. Have them always disagree with everything he says. They disagree if that will work which causes Sheldon to have his anxiety levels increase.


I'm really really sorry but I have to get ready to go to work. The next scene is with Sheldon and his council of ladies. I won't be able to finish this until probably 12 hours from now. I wanted to give you at least something to work with. Also please remember that this is entirely from memory.

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Can I just say that so far I am loving all the sexual innuendoes in this episode. Bananas and Amy taking off...something. Thank you writers


Yes.  Even with some tension between them, we still get the good stuff.  ;)  Just wait til Amy is taking things off while he's AWAKE and...well, I'll leave the banana comment off because that would have gotten too dirty.  :angel:

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The banana thing reminds me of those banana slicer things (I just saw one at Walmart or Target) that are banana shaped with little divider things.  You use them like you would an apple slicer, but they slice the banana so you can eat it in bite sized pieces, like you would give to a kid.


But I wonder if Amy eats it sideways by biting the side...which would be very annoying to watch.  I love the "that's how good girls eat them" line.  Though I wonder how anxious Sheldon would be if he watched Amy eat a banana the standard way... :icon_eek:

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But I wonder if Amy eats it sideways by biting the side...which would be very annoying to watch.  I love the "that's how good girls eat them" line.  Though I wonder how anxious Sheldon would be if he watched Amy eat a banana the standard way... :icon_eek:


I have this sudden urge to watch Fast Times At Ridgemont High...

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