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So it's not bashing to want Leonard to interact with his mother but my having her interacting with Sheldon (not Shamy) is bashing. Since you dislike Lenny so much the Sheldon/Beverly kiss was season 3, when Lenny was going out.

You didn't say that you wanted her to interact with Sheldon. You said things like "maybe Sheldon will sleep with Beverly" and "maybe Shamy will break up". It came off as bashing to me. I have a right to say that. And I don't want Leonard to interact with Beverly, neither I ever wrote something like that, actually I don't want her in the episode at all, I don't even like her. I never specifically referred to Sheldon/Beverly kiss. And I mostly dislike your comments regarding Lenny and Shamy, not Lenny as a ship.

Okay here is a quick summary of what happened at the taping.

Opening scene is Sheldon working on dark matter and figuring out why proton's decay. Leonard and Penny come in and say they are going out. They are dressed as if going on a date. Sheldon asks them if they can test out his noise cancelling headphones. He puts them on and Leonard and Penny have way too much fun telling him things that he can't hear. Examples include: "One time I was too lazy to walk over to my apartment so I used your toothbrush." "I haven't changed the water filter in two years." And then the last one was "One time while you were sleeping Amy took off her........", then Sheldon takes off the headphones and Leonard says "you are the best roommate ever". Sheldon is sad he missed it and they leave. Sheldon wears the headphones and tries to concentrate on his work, but all he does is keep saying proton decay and then is interrupted by Leonard coming home. Basically he didn't get any work done all night.

The next scene Sheldon is in his pajamas on his spot and tells Leonard he is not going to work with him because he is sulking about not getting any work done. Leonard leaves for work and leaves Sheldon there.

The next scene it sounds like Penny is in distress, so Sheldon runs over to her apartment and finds her doing some kind of workout. Sheldon says it sounded like maybe she was being murdered over there or having spontaneous coitus with Leonard. (Some stuff is talked about, don't really remember the details, so we will just skip over that.)

The next scene is Leonard, Raj, and Howard eating in the cafeteria. Howard has come up with what is now my new favorite game, Emily or Cinnamon. Basically you hear a quote that Raj has said and you guess if it was said to Emily or Cinnamon. A couple of them were, "the bed feels so empty when you are not in it" and "I bought us matching sweaters". (I will let you all play the game and figure out if it is Emily or Cinnamon :) ) Sheldon walks in and Leonard says I thought you were staying home today. Sheldon says he was but then Penny made me realize (something, I can't remember), but now he is at work. He then goes on about how some researcher realized that you work your best when your anxiety levels are up or something along those lines. Sheldon complains and says he has too perfect of a surrounding and he asks the guys to keep him on his toes, basically go out of their ways to make him miserable. The guys look thrilled and excited about this idea.

The next scene Sheldon is in Amy's lab and he is wearing a weird brain cap thing that has a bunch of wires on it hooked up to a computer. Amy has Sheldon due some solving problems and he finishes in 33 seconds. Amy says this will be the baseline and now we will see what happens when we add an anxiety factor. He begins the problems again, and this time Amy grabs a balloon and starts caressing it making loud annoying sounds that make Sheldon annoyed. Finally he is fed up and grabs his pen and pops Amy's balloon. Amy says she is sorry but they need to raise his anxiety levels and he already said no to listening to folk music, something I can't remember, and watching Amy eat a banana. Sheldon then asks who eats it horizontally and Amy says that's how her mom said good girls do it. They still haven't gotten Sheldon's anxiety level up and Amy tells Sheldon what would it matter if he only did solid research and never made a discovery. Sheldon looks pissed off and rises to his feet and starts getting mad. Amy then smiles and says look at the screen your anxiety levels are where they are supposed to be. He gets all excited until he realizes that they are going down. He asks Amy why they are going down and she says because he is less anxious because the results are going up. This leads to a humorous banter of yay they are going up to boo they are going down.

Raj,Howard and Leonard at the apartment still playing Emily or Cinnamon. Sheldon walks in and tells them that he knows the perfect way to increase his anxiety. Have them always disagree with everything he says. They disagree if that will work which causes Sheldon to have his anxiety levels increase.

I'm really really sorry but I have to get ready to go to work. The next scene is with Sheldon and his council of ladies. I won't be able to finish this until probably 12 hours from now. I wanted to give you at least something to work with. Also please remember that this is entirely from memory.

Thank you so much for the report! It sounds awesome so far. With Emily it would have been perfect (sorry, I couldn't resist.) But Cinnamon or Emily part was funny. Shamy and Lenny are all in character and both funny and cute and it was nice to see some interaction between the guys too. Looking forward to more!
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Hi Guys!


I'm sorry for not posting this earlier but yesterday was a long rainy day. We were waiting outside on the rain to get into the taping. We were first :) But we got here exhausted. But here it is, I'm still updating it and editing as much as I can remember. Thanks for being patient. 


The Anxiety Optimization


1) Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment


 Leonard and Penny come out from Leonard’s room all dressed up for a date. Sheldon is on his computer and asks Leonard and Penny for help testing his noise canceling headphones. Leonard and Penny agree while Sheldon puts them on. Once he had them out, Leonard and Penny started telling Sheldon secret stuff that they do behind his back. Like not changing the water filter in two years lol. There were two takes of this scene and Sheldon then takes out a poster of a scientist rebel showering in a bathtub and Penny asks if that is why Leonard took him to Home Depot. Leonard says he doesn’t want to talk about it lol. Leonard tells Sheldon that he has the apartment to himself and I can’t remember Penny’s last line before they go out but Sheldon tells them he is going to have fun working on proton decay.


2) Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment


 They showed a scene that was already taped with Sheldon repeating and repeating the same word next to his board. Leonard and Penny come back from the date, tap on his shoulder and Sheldon gets scared


(For my fellow Lenny fans, they did not show the actual date * insert sad face *  but they look so cute going on a date. Plus the bonding of them saying things, behind Sheldon, was great. They did two or three takes and they kept laughing together or coming up with more remarks. I’m frustrated though with me not remembering the line penny says to Leonard because she mentions the shower to Leonard)


3) Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment


 Leonard is coming out from his room when he sees Sheldon, still on his bathrobe, really sad in his spot. Leonard asks him if he is not going to work and Sheldon says no, can you guess why? Leonard tells him cause he spent all night working on proton decay and he accomplished nothing so he is going to stay home to pout about it. Sheldon replies like a big baby lol. Leonard is fine with him not going to work and he asks him to text/call if he needs anything and leaves. After Leonard goes to work, Sheldon says he’s been inside the apartment for too long, steps out of the apartment by the hall, grabs some “fresh air” and then closes the door again.


4) Penny’s Apartment


After Sheldon closes the door, he hears some grunting from Penny’s apartment. Opens the door again, grunting continues, he knocks on her door, more grunting, and then Sheldon gets worried so he opens the door. Penny is on the floor exercising with her earphones on and now we know why she is grunting. Penny asks Sheldon what does he need. Sheldon says he came over cause it sounded bad, he wasn’t sure if she had decided to have spontaneous sex with Leonard or she needed help? Can’t remember the other option. Penny just looks at him lol. She explains that she is doing this exercise that she hates and it hurts a lot to do it. Sheldon asks why she does something she hates. That he doesn’t understand why she would exercise like that or even why she continues to have coitus with Leonard (assuming he is referring to the noises).  Penny goes to the fridge to grab a water while explaining that she hates it and its hard to do it but that makes her work harder at it. Sheldon looks at her and says something like “to clarify?...” Penny clarifies “the exercise Sheldon!”, not the coitus with Leonard. Penny asks him why he is not getting ready to go to work. Sheldon says he is not going to work and can she guess why? Penny tells him right away, just like leonard, that he spend all night working and he didn’t have any progress so now he is all sad. Sheldon takes off back to his apartment saying that is not as mysterious as he thinks apparently.


5) Cafeteria


Open to Leonard, Raj and Howard eating at the cafeteria at work. Howard says he came out with a new game: Cinnamon vs. Emily. People have to guess who Rajesh said the quotes to: Emily or Cinnamon. The quotes are pretty funny and Leonard keeps guessing them right. Then Raj says that a man can love his girlfriend and his dog as much equally. Leonard then says to Emily! I heard him say that to Emily. Howard laughs. Sheldon arrives to their table and Leonard asks him if he decided to come to work. Sheldon explains that after talking to Penny, whom by the way is working harder to stay attractive in their relationship than him (to leonard), (Leonard had a big cinnamon roll in front of him which he pushes away guiltily after that remark, it was really funny), he decided to work harder. Based on a theory, he also wanted to ask them a favor: they need to go out of their way to make him miserable so that he is constantly anxious and can perform at ultimate potential. The guys start thinking about possibilities and Howard asks what is in it for them? Sheldon starts to explain but Howard says excitedly “okay! We’ll do it!”.


6) Amy’s Lab


Sheldon is at Amy’s lab with a cap on his head that will read his anxiety levels. Amy wants to get a base number so that they can work from there and Sheldon will undergo several tests. To test his anxiety levels, Amy will try to annoy him as much while he is being tested. Amy brings a balloon while Sheldon is working and starts making noises with it (rubbing it). Sheldon can’t take it and explodes it with his pencil. Amy asks why he did that. Sheldon says something like “sorry, I was aiming for your heart”. Amy explains to him that this is what she needs to do to test him. Plus he had said no to several other things he can’t stand, including seeing her eating a banana. Sheldon: “ Who eats them horizontally?” And Amy replies that her mom told her that’s how good girls do it lol. Then Amy takes a seat and asks him what is wrong if he only ends up doing solid research instead of having a major breakthrough. Sheldon feels insulted and as he starts explaining, his anxiety levels are on point. Amy notes this. Then Sheldon is all happy. Why are they going down? Amy tells him cause now you are happy. Sheldon is now mad again. He goes through a series of mad/happy/mad that were hilarious.


7) Leonard’s Apartment


Raj has two board games on his hands and Leonard and Howards are eating snacks. Raj asks them what they want to play and they say Cinnamon vs. Emily lol. Raj tells them they need to stop and Sheldon comes in during that moment. He comes in explaining that he wants them to contradict/not agree with everything that he says. Raj, Leonard and Howard take turns telling him that’s definitely not what he wants till they get Sheldon mad and telling they are the worst. He walks to his room and then comes back to thank them, he says he thinks that worked.


:anim_drool: Penny’s Apartment


Penny is telling the girls that the highest rep seller will get a trip to Hawaii for two. Amy tells her that will be so romantic for her and Leonard. Penny says she clearly hasn’t seen Leonard at the beach with his metal detector. Amy then mentions something that she will do at the beach that Penny does not find fun and turns to ask Bernadette if she wants to go to Hawaii. Then Sheldon comes in to his council of ladies. Penny asks him what’s up and Sheldon tells them that as they are aware, he is finding situations that irritate/cause him anxiety so he is coming for an evening of crotch talk. (They did several takes of this scene as Jim kept missing lines once it was changed, then Kaley jumped ahead of Melissa with her line, which was funny to the crew cause Kaley said something and Melissa kept laughing, we could not hear though). Penny asks Sheldon what does he think goes on in her apartment when is just the girls talking. Then he says that he imagines they talk about stuff they are not comfortable saying in front of them or various buttocks that they want to touch from other men. Penny tells him they are just people, like them, that talk about regular stuff, just like they do. Sheldon asks her, really? You girls talk about werewolves? Leonard and I disagree on a werewolves being able to swim after transformation. Penny turns and tells Amy they should talk about their periods lol. Amy tells Penny to wait because all canines have the ability to swim. Bernadette says not really because they are half human. Its like comparing apples to oranges. Sheldon says thank you, he agrees. Then he says lets do it again when you are not all PMSing and walks out.


9) Leonard’s Apartment


Sheldon has on really loud songs/laughs. Leonard comes out of his room in his bathrobe telling what in the world is he doing. Sheldon says the music keeps him with anxiety on the right levels. He is using the joker, darth vader, and he was going to use taylor swift but it turns out he loves her. Leonard tells him to put on some headphones or something and goes back to his room. Sheldon goes to grab the headphones and then he says Taylor Swift was right, haters going to hate, hate, hate.


10) Amy’s Apartment


Sheldon has on his cap to measure his anxiety levels and is writing stuff down on a notebook. They are on date night and even Amy has candles on in the table. She is annoyed and tells Sheldon that he needs to take the cap off, its starting to smell and he should talk to her instead of working. Sheldon claims he can do two things at the same time. Talk to her and work. She says something and he just goes along ignoring her.


(they did two or three takes of this. Mayim forgot her lines in one of them. She said it in Amy’s voice that she messed up which was funny)


11) Leonard’s Apartment


Leonard, Penny, Bernadette and Howard are in having dinner and playing Cinnamon vs. Emily as couples. Leonard is on his chair and Penny on the chair right next to his seat. Howard tells Penny that she has the tiebreaker. He quotes Raj as “you hair is so shiny” or something like that. Penny says that’s a hard one. Raj gets to the apartment and they tell him they are still playing. Raj says they need to stop cause they will hurt her feelings. Bernadette asks him if Emily’s feelings? [or Cinnammon] lol.


12) Amy’s Apartment


Amy is worried for Sheldon and asks him one more time to stop driving himself crazy. It is not necessary. Sheldon shares that he is afraid to stop because he has finally made some progress on his work and what if it stops? Amy says its not healthy. Sheldon says Newton did one his biggest discoveries while thinking he was an alligator? I can’t remember the animal.  Amy replies that is not true to which Sheldon says maybe because he has been hallucinating lately lol. But he still refuses to eat or pay attention to her. Amy tells him he better stop, Sheldon says or what?


Cut to Sheldon on the bus complaining to a man about Amy kicking him out of her apartment while holding down to his laptop with his cap still on. Me! Her own boyfriend he tells the guy. Then Sheldon turns and the man has the face of the animal he had mentioned to Amy and says “Thanks Newton” that he knew he will understand.


13) Sheldon’s Room


( I was dying and the audience as well in this scene. It was really sweet)


Penny and Leonard are walking Sheldon to his bed. Sheldon looks all crazy, tired and with no sleep. Penny and Leonard are slowly putting him to bed and Sheldon doesn’t want to sleep. How are they going to make him sleep? And then Penny starts singing “soft kittyyy…” and Sheldon lays down to sleep right away. Leonard and Penny take turns singing portions of Soft Kitty (the cutest scene).  And Sheldon is sleeping soundly now. Penny and Leonard look at Sheldon and Leonard says in a whisper that when he is like that, so peaceful, it looks so…takes a moment...easy to put a pillow over his head lol (cause he drives them crazy) and Penny nods. 


Note: Cute parenting scene. I know some do not like it but this is Sheldon, Penny and Leonard’s interaction. They take care of him, together or not, so let’s embrace it. I loved it.


14) Cafeteria


Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are in the cafeteria. Sheldon looking better the next day when Emily and Raj get to their table. Emily mentions that she head they were playing a game regarding her and Cinnamon. Boys deny it scared. Emily tells them she finds it sexy and kisses Raj (but really kisses him so they took the first kiss of the season). But then Emily separates from Raj, why is there dog hair on your mouth? LOL.


I enjoyed this episode.  I apologize if I miss lines. This is all from memory. Tried my best. I will add more BTS during the day. 

Edited by batman75
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Sheldon loves T Swift too?! I didn't think he was a music fan. And he starts SINGING Shake It Off -- I burst out laughing when I read that! I sing that song waaaaay too often, and whenever I get slack for it from friends I also say "haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate." Haha, that's perfect Sheldon.

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The Cinnamon v Emily game reminds me of a "Scenes from a hat" game on Whose Line Is It Anyways. Topic: things you can say to your dog, but not your girlfriend. There were several clever/amusing answers given by the players, but I think my favourite was "Come!" ;)

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It seems like Sheldon's going backwards again. The last taping he was sleeping on the couch. This one Lenny had to put him to bed. Haven't heard Soft Kitty in a while. I'm sure I'll enjoy it but I'm guessing some others won't.  Things not to appear to be going peachy for Shamy and Ramily. I rather see Lenny kissing but I think I can handle Emily kissing Raj. I'd like to see Raj explain the dog hair.

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So a guest/recurring character gets a kiss with one of the main characters in her contract. But Kaley a mainstay of the show hasen't kissed the main character of the show all season lol. I kinda get it though Emily and Raj are a new couple. Lenny have been the mainstay romantic couple since Season 2. So their is not much you can do with Lenny presently storyline wise, espeically with dragging out the Wedding, which well be their next major storyline and plots. 

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I don't mind Beverly, but I think they've kind of painted her into a corner as far as how she interacts with Leonard and with the gang. Because she's so aloof and distant from Leonard, that kind of limits the ways they can interract, or it seems to. For her to have a realy heart-to-heart with Leonard, they'd have to spend half the episode setting it up or something.

They can have her say and do outrageous things--in that way, she's very like Sheldon or even Amy in that she doesn't have much of a filter. So she can talk about Leonard's childhood in a very clinical manner and psychoanayze everyone around her. She's an exaggeration and something of a cartoon to add big comedy, but I don't think she's evil or anything.

The very definition of evil if you ask me. Anyway, I am just glad that she wasn't in the episode.
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