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"The Crazy Fans Who Grab Onto Any Little Scrap To Promote Their Wild Fantasy Theories Diversion"


No, that title's too long. Hmmm...




Yes, too long.


The Confrontation Diversion. 


;){meaning the diversion from endless pointless debate}

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I'm looking forward to the Howardette plot of the new episode this week.  Bernadette is finally using her feistiness for good rather than evil.

"With great power comes great responsibility". I agree, it will be great to see Bernadette use her super power for good, instead of evil. Actually that plot sounds like the saving grace of the episode. It sounds like it will be funny and have some appropriate amount of heartache too.

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I ship a certain couple over another but it hard for me to wrap my mind around people getting so upset when their ship isn't the center of attention. This show isn't about a particular ship no matter what certain members of certain ships want to tell themselves. This show about 7 characters. I can't imagine spending so much time this show when dismissing or not really caring much about the 5 other characters.

i get the theory but why then are a majority of people upset about tonight's episode?
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I'm a shamy shipper, but I don't really have a problem with tonights episode. I saw it at the Colonization taping and it really wasn't bad. I actually liked it. There are some shamy shippers that don't have a problem with it

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Then I guess jokes about Raj and Cinnamon are not funny. I mean they aren't technically canon... :icon_razz:

Love the name...

I don't know if I would call it whining and bickering per se if there is a legitimate discussion about a legitimate feeling concerning a ship or character. And since feelings are more subjective, consideration needs to be given is my thought...

I didn't say that they aren't funny, I explained a reason why some people don't find them funny. Also, funny is a very subjective term.
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I'd really like to know why if someone enjoys a couple on the show, and that is a major draw for that person, why is there something seemingly wrong with that? Castigating people who enjoy shipping a couple is the same as one ship castigating another.


It just seems to me that focusing on shipping is the #1 cause of major disappointment expressed on this forum.

I'd guess the #2 cause is when a character (any of the 5) is perceived as overly mean. I might have the order of these backwards.


IMO shipping like infatuation itself can lead to highs an lows.

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