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Big Bang Theory: Christine Baranski, Laurie Metcalf Returning for Sweeps (in the Same Episode!)



I am so pUMPED!!!!

I can't get that link to work. It says page not found... :(

ETA: Nevermind--the link in the Shamy thread worked for me. Woohoo!

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OH MY GOODNESS! A veritable Clash of the Titans! Absolutely cannot wait to see what happens with Mary and Bev (Grrrrr!) in the same room! I can just imagine the fireworks! Mary to Bev (Grrrr!): 'I see Jesus made you real smart just like he did with my Shelly.' The potential for this episode is amazing!

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I enjoy getting a kick out of people who like seeing Bev on the show. they must be Leonard haters. Has there ever been an episode that Bev has been on that has turned out well for Leonard?

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Beverly/Sheldon coitus. Or better Beverly in an urn like Howard's mother.


Beverly is not the devil. She's an exaggeration and a caricature, just like Howard's mother and to some degree, Mary.

Leonard isn't a wilting flower and has apparently done well in spite of his mother, and still apparently has love for her. He has never wished her dead the way Howard was always joking about his mother.

She's extreme, but that's part of the comedy, just like Sheldon's behavior or the jokes about Mrs. W's weight and Raj's metrosexualism.

Yes, Beverly's comments and behaviors are played up to show how difficult Leonard's relationship with her is. But I don't think tptb intend the audience to hate her or to wish her dead or even to see her as abusive.

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Maybe Mary will find out Sheldon's first real kiss was with Bev.LOL

Sheldon didn't kiss back like he did when Amy kissed him for the first time so technically (according to Bill or Steve...can't remember which one) the kiss w/ Bev doesn't count.

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