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It says that she took it before it was taken down… so it's probably old

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I kind of wondered that. someone bought that up in chat. 


Either something huge is about to happen which will cause things nit to be the same ever again or they are just teasing us. 


But by the look at that photo I think it may have to do with Bernadette. 


I think I remember an interview with either Prady or Molaro where they said they weren't interested in any of the girls getting pregnant during the show, but hey, I could be wrong.

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I know that. Big bang theory Facebook page just posted that photo with the caption "Things may never be the same after this season finale..."

Of course they weren't going to post a photo form tonight.

The link just takes you to the synopsis we have all read. It doesn't give anything new.

Just trying to hype us up even more.

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