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India Acceleration

Thomas Dooley

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Raj and his and girlfriend commit to a relationship so they make plans to go to India to visit his parents. So the hole group of friends decide to go. Sheldon being Sheldon make other planes and that involves the use of Shel-Bot 2.0. But when they get there Raj parents are less than excited and when they try to leave India they find out that Raj can't leave because of his immigration status. So the only solution is to go to the the American Embassy and Raj and his girlfriend to get married. During the time there Penny feels a little threaten by Pryia so Lenard and Penny get married in India too. When Raj parents come around to accept the situation they put on a traditional Indian celebration for the newly weds. When Amy tells Sheldon how much she cares for him and wished they could be sharing this experience together than Shel-Bot starts to seem to lose power. Than Amy finds out he has been near all the time at a cleanest place he new in India a holy ashram where he was staying the hole time.  

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