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Such a Hag

Things That Remind You Of The Show.

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Many times I'll see something or hear something that never would have caught my attention before watching watching this show.

 Here is an example:

I work as an Archivist and while doing a project today I stopped on this image from 1969 and laughed.  I never would have given it a 2nd glance before.




The image caption (in case you are curious) A monopole antenna developed by Motorola was installed on Apollo astronauts' backpacks. Every phase of NASA's 1960s-era Apollo lunar orbit and landing missions used Motorola equipment.




This happens all the time - does anyone else have any stories?

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Well, a couple weeks ago on night shift I had music blaring and Thrill My Gorilla by Alice Cooper came on and I immediately thought of Penny filming Serial Ape-ist in 7.23. Does that count?

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