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Shamy Kiss Poll

Which shamy kiss do you prefer  

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  1. 1. Which shamy kiss do you prefer

    • Locomotive
    • Indecision

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I like both kisses--and I love koops' explanation of the wonderfulness of that second kiss.


However, I still love the 1st kiss the most simply because it was their first and because of how Sheldon thought he was just going to be sarcastic, but then found out that he liked it.

And his stunned expression afterward (and Amy's breathless shock) absolutely kills me.  [shameless self-promotion]So much so, that I wrote a little fic about it.[/shameless self-promotion] :p


I do love that they so easily incorporated kissing into their date night routine and that the writers chose to show that so soon after the V-day kiss and made it so normal and so routine after such a monumental moment.


But I love the monumental moment. :)

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I kinda agree. I liked the Valentines kiss. That moved Sheldon out of his comfort zone. Who would have thought that out of his frustration built up, he could kiss her frustrated girlfriend as well?

He liked it coz he lingered...after all, he could be passionate lover someday.

Quite funny when he told Leonard that Amy's lips tasted like brownies... Leonard was asking which of the three things he liked the most and Sheldon said he had not collected additional data and Leonard ended.".You, you dog.."

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Locomotive kiss, hands down. The emotions, the looks on their faces and the fact that he enjoyed it so much that he didn't want to leave her side afterwards and he invited her to visit the engine room with him. Everything about it was PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT :).

The 2nd kiss, I thought it was sexy the way Sheldon went into it. Then the buzz kill began when he talked while kissing and Amy, who reminded him of the kiss in the first place, kept her hands down by her sides. LOL. But yes, maybe she doesn't want to scare him off so that's her way of handling it right now. Again, his confidence going in and out of the kiss gets a big thumbs up.

I look forward to more Shamy kisses!

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late to the party,always.  Out of the two choices, I prefer the Indecision one. I know the Indecision one is an obligation,but both  sheldon and Amy enjoyed it . and it's quirky and funny, too.  locomotive one is nice,but sheldon initiated it with anger and Amy almost held his waist,but she didn't. that's not fun.

" However, given a free choice, I'd pick the one from The Agreement Dissection." agree with @  Stephen Hawking  

that one is tremendously  fantastic.

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