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Comic Con 2014


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Tomorrow. 10am pst


Craig Ferguson is hosting TBBT panel.  He hosted Jim's Dreamworks panel today.

I wonder if Jim is staying and will show up tomorrow for TBBT panel. (wishful thinking, but we might get a hint if he does his usual Instagram post on Friday morning)

Wil Wheaton is at Comic Con, he has been posting Tweets from San Diego all day.


Could not be happier to have taken a couple of days off from work, so much SDCC action today!

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Rachel, TBBT panel is tomorrow morning.   Today Bill had to be there for a screening of the 'Showrunners' documentary and a Q&A that follows.  Jim was there today for Dreamworks Animations panel on Home.   Who knows what tomorrow will bring as far as whether or not Jim will be there or if any other cast will be there, but I guess that is part of the fun (having the surprise).  


Loads of photos, .gifs, video interview, etc. from today:  http://thebazingacast.co/2014/07/24/comic-con-covering-dreamworks-home-the-big-bang-theory/

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How far is San Diego from LA?


It can take anywhere from three hours to six hours depending on traffic.  My guess is Jim might have flown in this morning instead.   That would avoid a lot of the mess because he had to be there by 11:00ish and morning commute hour would have made that near impossible to get there in time.   You can sit on the 405 Freeway (which takes you direct to SD from LA) for hours. It can be one of the most congested freeways.  I have been on it and sat on it for two hours and only moved a quarter of a mile before.  So that gives you an idea of the commuter mess.  


Bill obviously drove today, but I think he probably left after morning rush hour and before evening rush started.

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So excited!!  I really enjoyed last year's panel.  Eric Kaplan was my favorite.  He reminds me of a cousin I always liked growing up.  He's philosophical and can come up with some of the most convoluted--and funny--ideas. 

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