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Comic Con 2014


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I haven't finished by post-finale fic (I'm such a slow writer...) and now it may be made moot if they spoil us about the resolution to Sheldon's journey...


Still hoping for a Jimmy surprise, but I'm not holding my breath.


Thanks to Roxanne for her willingness to update! :)

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From THR live blog:


Lesley Goldberg

#TheBigBangTheory Monopoly (!!!) will be available in August! #SDCC#Bazinga


Daniel Fienberg

“Big Bang Theory” #SDCC clip reel is a reminder it’s a travesty James Earl Jones didn’t get an Emmy nomination.


Lesley Goldberg

Lots of #StarWars and nerd love in the clip reel for #BigBangTheory . #SDCC


Lesley Goldberg

#SDCC treat: Garfunkel & Oates are performing Howard's song for Bernadette live! "If I Didn't Have You." #BigBangTheory

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These people are so uncomfortable right now, I can't begin to tell how much I enjoy it. - @CraigyFerg on the writers on the panel. #WBSDCC

Molaro's at fault for killing Proton. Craig says "you bastard" #WBSDCC

Molaro had to give Newhart a crash course of Star Wars #WBSDCC


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