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I still like Star Wars. -Steve Holland #WBSDCC #SDCC #BigBangTheory

Kaplan doesn't care for Star Wars - the crowd boos #WBSDCC

James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher met on set at Big Bang for the first time #WBSDCC


When Carrie saw James she said "DAD!" #WBSDCC

He was very excited to do it, and he was as delightful to work with as he was on the show.-@SteveMolaro on James Earl Jones #WBSDCC #SDCC

The writer's were invited to Hawking's birthday party #WBSDCC

We wound up hanging with Stephen Hawking for awhile. We got invited to his birthday party. - @billprady #WBSDCC #SDCC #BigBangTheory

How to Train Your Dragon is my favorite movie. -Tara Hernandez #WBSDCC #SDCC #BigBangTheory

Prady says they didn't set out to make a show about geeks/nerds - making it about people they knew #WBSDCC

Originally the characters were going to be computer programmers #WBSDCC

Maria told story again about how she bought her husband a virtual gift when he bought her something real world #WBSDCC

Molaro says he'll talk to the cast about upcoming stories he's excited about, Johnny finds it helpful #WBSDCC

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I was a writer’s assistant for two years, so I eased my way into it. -Jeremy Howe #WBSDCC #SDCC #BigBangTheory

Anthony worked at Nickelodian before Big Bang. Him, Maria, and Holland all joined in S3 #WBSDCC

One of the good things about science fiction is because it makes the real world comprehensible 2 people. -Eric Kaplan #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory

Eric Kaplan got the interview because they wanted a DIFFERENT Eric Kaplan, and lines got crossed and he was contacted instead #WBSDCC

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We make sure we don't exceed a certain level, but we don't drop below either. -Eric Kaplan commenting on all Eric Kaplans #WBSDCC #SDCC

Dave remembers pitching an idea early in the show, Lorre said "if you do that you will ruin the show" #WBSDCC

It's time for questions from the fans! #WBSDCC

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First fan q - ever fix the elevator? Molaro says that's the only exercise the guys get #WBSDCC

Prady days the stairs give them an organic place for the characters to walk and talk #WBSDCC

WB was going to move the show after the pilot to a different soundstage, but didn't so they wouldn't have to dig another hole for stairs

Molaro says no grand plan at first when they brought in Amy or Bernadette #WBSDCC

Fan says she's happy with Shamy progress - crowd cheers #WBSDCC

There was no grand plan 2 add Bernadette & Amy. We loved them in their auditions. They're great & that's how it happened. @SteveMolaro #SDCC

Molaro mentions the kiss on the train - claps from the crowd #WBSDCC

Different version of kiss scene they wrote is a gentler version, Sheldon kisses Amy bc he's enjoying the train #WBSDCC

The writers were very stressed about getting the kiss scene right #WBSDCC

There is a completely different ver of the kiss scene that no one has ever seen cuz we were so stressed about gettin it right.@SteveMolaro

"Uncomfortable direct questions from Eric are part of the writer's room experience" - Prady #WBSDCC

Prady says Sheldon will not move at all, and Amy will not let him not move #WBSDCC

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The amazing thing about these two characters is that Sheldon will not move at all, and Amy will not let Sheldon not move.@billprady #WBSDCC

Dave says he calculated they spend 1500 hours a season together, the job does get tough #WBSDCC

I think we spend 1500 hours together a season. -Dave Goetsch on the writers #WBSDCC #bigbangtheory #SDCC

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Fan asks why the guys clicked refresh buy tickets - crowd goes wild clicking #WBSDCC

Holland says based on past ticket buying experience, SDCC changed it this year #WBSDCC

Sheldon and Amy question. Is Sheldon's walkabout good for his relationship with Amy? #WBSDCC

Steve: He didn't leave because of Amy. Thy have their own version of happy. #WBSDCC

Movie trailer for Penny's movie!! #WBSDCC

Wil Wheaton has joined the stage! #WBSDCC

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