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`Hallo´ from Germany :)

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I´m 19 years old and I´m from Germany.

I started watching tbbt about 6 months ago and I immediately fell in love with the characters :D

Well, I watch the show in original cause the german synchronisation kind of sucks ^^

Hope my english won´t be too bad when I write here but I think you can understand me ;)

Eeehm, yeah and btw I have selective mutism like Raj and that´s an interesting coincidence cause I didn´t know it before and I was pretty surprised when Leonard´s mom said it. I mean I noticed Raj´s behaviour but I´m really glad that the actual term is used in the show cause mutism isn´t that familiar with many people...unfortunately :(

And I watched the new episode this morning and I have to say that it´s pretty amazing that Raj spoke it out loud. I can´t remember ever doing that. It´s very very hard for me to talk about this stuff :(

Wow, I´ve written enough now. Hope you´re interested a bit^^

See ya!

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Do not worry about your English.We Americans constantly butcher the English


Greetings and Salutations !!!

Hehe, have you ever read John Cleeses letter to America? :D

And as you might have noticed by now, many of us are not from english speaking countries. The native speakers are all very nice to us. :icon_wink::icon_lol:

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