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What Music/bands/singers/songs Do You Like ?

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I have differing tastes.


Panic at the Disco

Fallout Boy


Queen (I'm actually seeing them next year in NZ, with Adam Lambert)

Adam Lambert

Lady Gaga


Katy Perry

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This is my guitar

and this it now.


Even though I pretty much went out and got the same guitar as Slash from Guns N' Roses...

I still enjoy playing whatever.


also my friend, my Penny if I'm Leonard got me into this song

So like, a lot of rock, but also, other music.

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My latest buy:

1951 Stella by Harmony parlor guitar I found on Reverb.com from a guitar store in NYC, NY, USA who used FedEx and a issue of The New Yorker as part packing... This purchase was full of neat little surprises like that.

You ever seen that movie Cast Away?

I bought this, then found out the only famous person I heard of with this make and model guitar was Elvis, so I got an Elvis guitar, and FedEx sent it through their Memphis, TN hub and gave me tracking; the FedEx guy in that movie Cast Away was a big Elvis fan who flew out of the FedEx Memphis, TN hub... That movie was one big advert/commercial for FedEX and Wilson but.. I thought it was a neat geeky bonus with this guitar...


I mean, I could give or take Elvis but I really decided on buying this make a model because of this video:

Different tunings/Different songs...
She had her guitar in Standard E: E,A,D,G,B,E with a capo on the 3rd fret... (I've been trying to learn her song with this guitar, but I'm too afraid to post it, partly because of my crush on her (lol) but also, it's her original song, even though I like it/want to play it... And I don't think she published it... So I'd leave it well enough alone, but my video with my capo on the 3rd fret like hers, was me playing in (IDK what they call it): D,A,D,G,A,D... - but totally different tuning so even though it's the same guitar (almost/different colour/finish/she has the rarer one I wanted but couldn't find that's yellow, my one's the same guitar but the more common Tiger burst/like Elvis had)..
but with my capo on 3rd and my tuning in standard, I am pleased to say that our guitars sound the same, and it's that sound I wanted.
I had to figure it out real quick and even got my first capo this week... 18 years after starting guitar.

I also bought another Stella by Harmony, but a 1969 Dreadnought 12 String from a guitar store in Nashville, TN the same day... But they used USPS and, now, that guitar according to their online tracking, has just left Miami, FL from their USPS international depot. 


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I also bought this guitar last week, from my friend's shop in Croydon in South London...

Paid £200.00 found out it was worth £400.00, spent £47.00 more to get it polished and minor repairs... then I found out whilst it was booked into the shop/as my Stella by Hamony came in that I preferred it to my much anticipated Stella by Harmony (in the above post) because it sounds nicer and is nicer to play on and is rarer too (plus it actually cost me less)...

I recorded these the night I bought before it had it repaired the next day and didn't see it for a week.

Some minor research on my part made me find it in an auction (of all places) so I was able to identify it's makes/model and year as well as value.


Early 1950's Catania Carmelo (Italian guitar).


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SOUTHERN ROCK!  Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Outlaws, Allman Brothers, Wet Willie and Charlie Daniels Band to name a few,

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