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Information For Attending A Taping


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If someone can help me get me 3 guaranteed tickets to the finale I will PAY YOU. I'm not even joking. I need this in my life

no, don't pay anyone. They will cancel your tickets if they find out that's how you got them and it can encourage people to hoard them just to sell them. Edited by Tomasina
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No, it happens all the time, especially if your computer is slow. Some of the people on this site are friends in real life though and they help eachother out If they have trouble getting on the site. I'd suggest you and the people you want to go with you all try to get tickets the next time they're offered to practice and see how you do. If you get tickets you don't want to use yet you can transfer them to friends, or maybe offer them here to someone else a little closer to the date. it could encourage them and other people who noticed you helping to help you the time you really really want to go in the future.

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Yeh Maria.. Generally on ticket day there will be a number of people in chat and we all help each other out at getting tickets. we scored many in the past so I don't see it being a problem :) I only manage to get standby personally haha! I'm useless! :p


See you there :)

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I think I want to try for the March 24th taping...


Whew.  It's kind of a big committment, but if I were to go today, I'd basically have the money (got a big symphony check this month), but I'll have living expenses before then.  And I'm a little chicken to make the leap.  I think I want to get a real credit card in case I have some unexpected issues.



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We manage to get standby tickets so hoping for the best! :)


Does somebody know if all upcoming previous dates are sold out? even for stand by? 


I'm a bit confused with dates and work has been making it complicated to be constantly checking :(

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