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I hope next  they add the awards for;


Most desirable guy to kiss in the forum;

:kiss:  :airkiss:           :danced:






Most desirable girl to kiss in the forum;

:kissing:            :toclue:

It may seem I'm not too picky on who I kiss.

But I'll be busy BEHIND the scenes.

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I will be in charge of the best/worst dressed panel


I see you've been "liking" some of my recent posts (which tells me you know what to expect from me), So I suggest that you have a third category and someone with a high speed camera ! 

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wouldnt it really be nice to have the nominees meet for at least one day. then people will see each others faces, while keeping their privacy intact. who knows, someone might actually make out with someone..... :preved:

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Problem is this is an international site, i have yet to meet anyone from NZ on this site :( haha.


Indeed, I think closest ppl nominated to me are in England, like Rachel etc.


A skype session or something would be possible, and slightly easier to setup ;)

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so how much shaving do I actually have to do?


Just a nice simple shave, dear, and we'll happily get to making out in the back of the limo between sips of champagne. It'll keep us occupied until we make it to the award ceremony. I'll let you pick out my gown as well, if it pleases you. I'm a nice imaginary girlfriend that way.


I would just like to add that I would let Jim Parsons cut me with his stubble any day.  Any time.  Anywhere.  So to speak...




Okay, I just totally got why phanta was nominated for Howard.


Yeah, that light bulb finally went on!


I love you, phanta, but jeez! The things that come out of your mouth sometimes!


You're a dirty lady!


Well, I'm not making out in the back of the limo with anyone, that's for sure :p


That's so Sheldon of you. You remain well-cast, roomie. I've left you some yogurt cups to wash by the sink. Have fun with that.


No, that's understandable. My wife hates stubble, it does give her a rash, but once it gets longer, she doesn't mind i


I have been told that when it's longer it's softer and better, but my skin still broke out. Unfortunately my skin is just pale and sensitive; and I'm too traumatized by the time I was bleeding my own blood due to kissing in the dark corner of a balcony in a London dance club. Other people look at stubble and see sexy, I look at it and see: BORTABORT. TERROR ALERT TWELVE.


Sad, honestly. I suspect I am totally missing out, but truth be told I have a really hard time even watching Duck Dynasty because I'm so distracted by the beards and my overwhelming twitchy desire to shave all those beards off. And burn them.


Wow, okay, I might have more lingering trauma here than I thought.


3ku11, Tensor has and all that lead to was a knock back from Lionne! I am clean shaved at least. Chiany's a bit confident but a lock avatar ( or a face inside Pink) doesn't cut it.


Nooooooo! It wasn't a knock! Tensor teased me about my feelings about beards, and I wanted to answer him honestly. My whole point is that it's nothing to do with him, or with beards even, but purely my own baggage from a past history littered with some bad decisions combined of vodka and boys. And unshaven Italian strangers.


*sigh* I need therapy.


But for the record, I would totally kiss that mug of yours, Chiany. Clean-shaved and cute to boot. :)


But just to be clear, I'm totally taken by NoGav and I've never been a cheater.

Edited by Lionne
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