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Season 8 Taping Reports


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8.21 The Communication Deterioration

Reported by Phantagrae.

Tape Date: March 24, 2015; Air Date: April 6, 2015

Story: Dave Goetsch, Steve Holland, Jeremy Howe

Teleplay:Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan, Jim Reynolds




Okay, so here's a more complete version of the taping report.  Whew!

It really was funny guys, with more emphasis on the guys' story than on Penny's audition.

I don't think there was any big relationship issue between Penny and Leonard over her asking Sheldon for advice about the audition.  I think that storytelling-wise, they are giving her and the girls something to do, but also kind of following up on the Kevin Smith audtion offer (and I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being offered the role, despite her "stinking" audition, which will lead to further developments)

Amy was only in the tag scene and Bernie was in the tag and the scene with Howard and the cocktails.


I think I have the scenes in the right order.


Anyway, as Jim said, "Here it begins"...


Cold Open: CalTech Cafeteria

Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard are at the table and Sheldon tells them he’s been working on rewriting the lyrics to popular children’s songs and offers to demonstrate or asks if they want to hear them.

Howard says yes and Leonard is surprised, but Howard says that he likes science (and something else) and he likes to make fun of Sheldon.

Sheldon sings about James Clark Maxwell to the tune of “Bingo” (There was a scientist who… and JamesClarkMaxell was his name-o.  J-A-M-E-S-C-L etc. and JamesClarkMaxwell was his name-o.)

When Leonard stops him (as he’s singing the second verse where he claps in place of the letter J) Sheldon offers another song.  “The Itsy Bitsy Spider was not an insect at all.  He has 8 legs and 2 body segments…”

The first time I think it ended there, but the second and third time they shot it, Sheldon asked if either of them knew Beyonce because he really wanted her to get behind it.

Raj comes in and says that he’s working on a project to design a communication device for a NASA (I think) probe that may eventually encounter alien life and he asks the guys if they want to be on the design team with him.

They are all eager, and Leonard first asks Raj what he has in mind, but then Sheldon and Howard make suggestions about what it would need to be like to be accessible to any kind of sensory systems.

Raj says that S & H did exactly what he thought they would do—jump in and try to run things with their own ideas and that Leonard was the only gentleman who bothered to ask Raj what he wanted to do.  So they’re out and Leonard is the on the team.

Leonard says, “Mama (or mommy?) raised a gentleman!”


Raj’s Apartment

Leonard comes over to work on the project and he and Raj talk a little about the other guys being so bossy and Leonard says they’re both Alpha males and that he and Raj are Beta males or even Omegas, because they get pushed around by the Alphas.  He says this morning Sheldon would let him put almond milk on his Grapenuts because it was some kind of nut conflict (can’t remember the exact wording.)

Raj says he should just tell Sheldon to mind his own business and Leonard says that sounds better than what I did, which was to agree to eat them with club soda.

Then Leonard says, “There are no alpha males here, so what do you want to do?”

Raj kind of shrugs and says, “I don’t know.  What do you want to do?”

After a bit of not knowing how they’re going to start, Raj asks what comes after Omegas and Leonard says, “Guys who eat fizzy cereal.”


Apartment 4A

Penny does the triple knock on Sheldon’s door.

He answers with this kind of smug look on his face and says, “I bet that started out as a joke, but now you realize how good it feels.”

Penny says, “Yeah, I kind of want to do it again…”

Sheldon says, “If you do, you’ll be doing it the rest of your life.”  Then he tells her that if she’s looking for Leonard, he’s over at Raj’s.

But she says she came to talk to him, and he happily invites her in and I think he either said he had a long list of topics or maybe he offered some topics.

She said she needed advice or something.

He says it’s not on the list.

When she asks whether or not she should take the audition he says he knows exactly what she should do but he can’t tell her because he has turned over a new leaf and is trying not to tell people what to do.  “That train has left the station.”

Then he says that she can ask him about trains or just keep looking at him like that (kind of stunned) and he’ll just start.


Mrs. W’s kitchen (seems like H&B might be living in the house now, but they don’t say specifically)

Howard has a bunch of stuff on the kitchen table and he’s using a pipette to drop liquid over a ball of something in a little container.  I think he also has a drink of some kind on the table.

Bernie comes in and asks what he’s doing and he explains that he and Raj have had an idea for a long time about making molecular cocktails, so that rather than it being a drink it’s this little ball of something (with liquor).

Then Howard offers her one but wants to take a picture first so he can show Raj that he’s doing it without him, showing him up.

He makes a comment about having a dominant personality and I think that’s where Bernie asks him how many of those little cocktail balls he’s had.

Anyway, she says something about him cleaning up the mess when he’s done (her dialog obviously making a joke of his “dominant personality” by telling him what to do.)


This scene was done in one take.


Apt 4A

Sheldon and Penny are at the kitchen island drinking tea and Sheldon is holding up an iPad with a picture of an old-fashioned train.  He explains how the iron frame on the front was used to push objects off the tracks.  He says, “It’s commonly known as a cow catcher, but I prefer cow exploder.”

Penny then asks him if she was at a train station and there was one train that took her to her current job and one train that took her to the audition and back to acting, which train should she get on?

Sheldon asks if she’s using trains to trick him into giving her advice.

I can’t remember what she says exactly but she denies it, I think.

So he says she should take a third train that takes her where she takes the audition but doesn’t do anything else until she has more information.

She realizes she’s been worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened yet (she doesn’t have to choose between the two careers yet) and she can still do the audition.

She says that Sheldon is a wise man.

He asks who’s wiser, the wise man or the person who asks his advice.

Penny says something like, “I guess I’m the wise one” (since she sought his advice.)

He says, “No, the wise man is the wiser one, that’s why he’s called the wise man” or something like that.

Sheldon asks her why she didn’t go to Leonard with this question and she says that she already knows what he’ll say, “Don’t do the audition” (said in a kind of whiny voice.)

Sheldon says she sounds just like him, or that it’s just like he’s in the room.


Raj’s Apartment

Leonard and Raj are talking about how with the golden record, any aliens would have to figure out the instructions for building a record player before they could listen to the record.

Raj says, yeah, but ET was able to build a transmitter out of a Speak’N’Spell and an umbrella, like a little brown MacGyver.

Leonard says, that would be helpful if ET were real.

Raj says, “My feelings were real when he was dying”

They talk about details from the end of the movie—ET turning white, being put in a body bag, the flower dying—until they’re both on the verge of tears and Raj says, “Let’s talk about something else.”

So they start to come up with some ideas about simple communication and Raj mentions how when Cinnamon is mad at him, she pees in his slippers.

Leonard says that Penny has 20 different ways she rolls her eyes that each mean something different.

So they start coming up with stuff, getting all excited, until Leonard realizes that what they’ve come up with is exactly what Sheldon and Howard had suggested.

The first time, Raj says, “Thank you for peeing in my slippers”.  They did it again with a different joke at the end, but I can’t remember what it was.


Casting office (in the hallway)

Quick scene where Penny is trying to decide whether or not to go in (voice over thoughts) as she approaches the door.  She stands there and talks herself into it (“I want this!”) then opens the door and sees at least a dozen blond girls sitting waiting.


CalTech Cafeteria

Sheldon is singing, “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the ear of the bat.  It’s the whiskers of the walrus and the catfish”

Howard interrupts and says, “How can you mention bats and not mention sonar?”

Sheldon says, “You didn’t let me finish” and continues singing, “And one more thing about the bat…it has sonar.”

Raj and Leonard come in and admit they would like S&H to help.  Howard says, “Well, well, well” and says something about them coming to them (I can’t remember—maybe something about an apology?  I don’t know.)

Leonard suggests they should get together tonight to work on it, but Sheldon says, “Well, well, well” and says that Leonard is trying to take over by saying when they should work on it.  He asks Raj what he’d like to do.

Raj suggests they work on it right now, but Sheldon says, “Tonight works better for me.”


Apt 4A

The guys are sitting—Sheldon in his spot, Leonard in his chair, Howard in the wooden chair—and Raj is standing in front of the couch.

He starts off talking about how they want to avoid any one person taking over and that hopefully they can each proceed by building on the contributions of the others.

Sheldon says, “Building on that…I think we should order dinner.”

Howard says, “Building on that…I could go for some Chinese food.”

I think Raj says “Building on that…” and objects to the talk about dinner, but I can’t remember.

Sheldon says, “Building on that…there’s a new build-your-own-pizza place on Colorado” (or something)

Leonard says, “Building on that…I’m lactose intolerant.”

Howard says, “They have soy cheese.  I saw it on the menu.”

Sheldon says, “HA!  You didn’t say ‘building on that’!  You’re out!”

Leonard says, “This isn’t ‘Simon Says’!”

Raj says, “Yeah, you’re missing the point…”

Sheldon points at each of them and says, “You’re out, you’re out! I win!  Who wants pizza?” and jumps up and runs into the kitchen.


It was very funny!


Casting Office (inside)

Penny is sitting with two other girls and the one on her left recognizes her from previous auditions, asks how come she hasn’t seen her around.

Penny says that she has a job in sales and I think she talks about maybe not being sure why she’s there or something.

The other girl complains about how demeaning and horrible it all is.  I think she mentions that someone had started a rumor about her or something like that.  There was some mention about a rumor.

Then her name is called and all of a sudden she’s all perky and excited and goes in for her turn.

Penny turns to the other girl and laughs about how she’d started a rumor about a girl sleeping with 7 guys to get a part in Fast and Furious 6 (“I guess the 7th guy was for luck” or something like that.)

The other girl deadpans, “That girl was me.”


Apt 4A

The guys are talking about how to communicate what the human race is like.  They mention the drawing of a naked man and woman on the Voyager record.

Sheldon says he didn’t like it because it showed how soft and defenseless humans are.  He says something about how humans look soft and squishy and reaches over and kind of squeezes/tickles Leonard’s middle.

Leonard says, “Squeeze yourself!”

Sheldon says, “Come on, you know that of the four of us, you’re the most veal-like.”

He tries again and squeezes or grabs at each of the others—Howard is too hard, Raj is too soft, Leonard is just right.

Raj suggests they show a human smiling and waving with one hand, but in the other hand, holding the severed head of a tiger.

Howard says, “So you want to send a passive aggressive message to the aliens?”

Raj says, “Oh, passive aggressive like you posting a picture of cosmopolitan balls that belong in my mouth?”

Sheldon says to Raj, “Passive aggressive like inviting us all to be on the team but choosing only Leonard?”

Raj apologizes but talks about how he and Leonard sometimes feel pushed around.

Leonard mentions when they went to ComicCon and the four of them dressed up as centaurs.  Who got to be human torsos and who ended up being horses butts?

Sheldon says, “But we looked great!”

Leonard says, “You let a kid sit on me.”

Howard half whispers, “He was in a wheelchair—it was his dream to sit on a centaur.”


(This part was re-written as follows:

“When we went to ComicCon and dressed up as Jabba the Hutt, who got to be Jabba’s head and who ended up as his fat slug butt?”

“But we looked great!”

“You let a guy sit on me!”

Howard says, “He was dressed as Princess Leah—it made a great photo!”)


 Raj complains about feeling left out, like when Howard took Sheldon to NASA and didn’t take anyone else.

Sheldon says, “Oh, you should go, it’s great!”

Howard apologizes, but says, “How about when you two went to Skywalker Ranch without us (him and Raj)?”

Sheldon says, “Oh that was great!” (or something like that)

Leonard says, “How about Sheldon spending all day with James Earl Jones and not telling us about it?”

Sheldon says, “From a centaur to ice cream with Darth Vader—I’m on a heck of a ride.”  (I don’t remember if they redid that part with a reference to Jabba instead of the centaur, but I guess they must have.)

He continues, “Clearly things are better when I’m in charge.  So, who’s (something), the guy in charge or the ones who put him in charge?”

Raj says something like, “Yeah, when you think about it, it’s like we’re all in charge.”

Sheldon says, “No…why is everybody so (mad at me?)”  (The audience was laughing at this part, so I couldn’t hear the end of the line very well, but it mirrors the thing with Penny and the “wise man” line.)


Penny’s Apt

Penny, Bernie, and Amy together.  Penny is talking about the audition and how she’s glad she left all that behind—the anxiety, depression, (and something).  She doesn’t want those feelings, she wants to sell drugs to people with those feelings.

Amy says, “I can’t believe you walked out on the audition.”

Penny says, “I did.  I went in and auditioned and stunk up the place, but then I walked out.”

She says that she’s grateful to Bernie for her job and how she’s never properly thanked her.

Bernie says, “Properly, or never, a bunch of words I’ve never heard.” (something like that)

So Penny says thank you and I think she says something like “you’re a good friend”.

Bernie suggests Penny take her good friend out for a thank you dinner.

Penny agrees, in a general, kind of non-committal way.

Amy says, “And you should take your other friend along because she overheard you talking about it and it would be awkward.”

So Penny agrees and Bernie says, “How about now?”

Penny kind of groans and gets to her feet, heading for the door, but Bernie says, “Don’t forget your wallet!”



Aliens watching a video where Sheldon is pointing to stars in the galaxy and talking about how to find earth.

One of aliens says that the man has shown his war finger (Sheldon pointing) and they declare war.

There is a little dialog between the two aliens watching the video (in grunty alien language with subtitles), but all you see are their tentacles waving at the screen.





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8.22 The Graduation Transmission

Reported by HappyKitty and Dana1010

Tape Date: March 31, 2015; Air Date: April 23, 2015

Story: Chuck Lorre, Dave Goetsch, and Anthony Del Broccolo

Teleplay:Steven Molaro, Steve Holland, and Eric Kaplan


HappyKitty put up a brief overview of the episode and said they will be back later with more.  As it becomes available, (or when I get back on and see it)  I'll update this post.  




Leonard is asked to make an inspirational commencement speech at his old high school in New Jersey. As Penny and Leonard are about to leave for New Jersey, the flight gets cancelled due to weather. Meanwhile, Raj splurges his rent money on a helicopter toy drone. His father finds out and decides to take away his allowance. Howard and Sheldon are working on calibrating the helicopter. Howard wants to take it apart and fix it. When Raj comes to pick up the helicopter from Howard and Sheldon to return it, it is in a million pieces and Raj freaks out. Penny comes up with an idea to have Leonard make his commencement speech via Skype. She even buys him a cap and gown, but the party store only had a short sexy graduation outfit.





I think the guest star you are talking about is Katerine Von Till and sheplayed like a Tech Support recording voice. I don't remember exactly what she said but probably something like "your call is very important to us".

The first scene was with everyone eating dinner (no surprise there lol), and Leonard comes in asking Penny if she is ready to fly back home with him. Also Raj tells Howard that his robotic helicopter drone is broken and asks him to visit.

Sexy grad outfit, had Leonard wearing a graduation outfit that only goes to the top of his knees. He comes out and Penny laughs and says you know you are supposed to wear clothes underneath them. Leonard responds with he wanted to show her a sexy graduate.

BTS: When Kaley and Johnny came up to thank the audience, he was still wearing the outfit. Kaley joked that it was probably the first time she was wearing more clothes than him when they go up to thank the audience.

To the Mayim fans (myself included), she was only in the first scene. The scene was not Shamy related and was a big group scene. She did have some lines about how it was nice of Leonard to take Penny back to his old high school. And now he can go back with a beautiful woman on his arms.




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