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2014 Fan Fiction Awards


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It would be nice to have a list of elligible fics from which to choose, but is that manageable?  I don't know how many stories that entails, but it seems only fair, so that people can go out and read them or know whether or not one they like is elligible.


We will need a new thread, though, when the time comes. :)


ETA: Just went back and read the earlier posts, but I see the list of elligible fics was on tumblr, which I can't see while at work (and it's a pain in the butt on my phone...)


Is there a way the elligible fics could be listed here when the time comes, or are there too many?

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I think last time, people made their nominations from within the given time period (which last year was any story updated or started since August 2013, I think) and the most popular of those went forward to be voted on again?

This year they would be stories started or updated since August 2014.

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Aww, not sure how this awards works but my personal votes are:


Shamour's The Personality Conviction

Kelliluvtbbt's The Email Confession

Stephen Hawking's Behind Closed Doors


Adding Kelli's The Memoirs of Sheldon Lee Cooper and Darcyfitz' The Chaos Cognizance.

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