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Name The Video Game Game


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Don't think we have one of these yet?

Name the Video game "game" rules.

- One video game ss, concept art etc post up at a time.

- Person who guess's correctly posts next.

- Keep it clean (admin nipple rule...not that i am personally against nipples..but you know)

- Always congratulate the winning post and give some info on the game ss you originally posted. 

- Post regular clues/hints to the really really hard ones.

- (anyone else think of some other sensible rules please feel free to add here)



So...i'll get things started...

Who is she and what video game did she star in?


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...3rd clue?!?,  ...and this pretty much narrows it right down... it's not Dino Crisis 2, Lost Eden, Jurassic Park - 16bit SNES, MDrive/Genesis - 32bit PS1, Saturn or 3DO...


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Well, im very very disapointed no-one has guest this yet. :-( I thought i was amongst fello nerdions here. Where is Sheldon when i need him?

I played this PC game four times, i can finish it in under 7 hours. First time i played it, it took me 32 days to complete. I hear it's getting a remake with the Cry engine...

This is my fourth and final clue.


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  • 2 weeks later...

You guys are unbelievable!...there is at least one reference to the modern version of the above video game being played in TBBT - and i haven't watched every episode yet so there may be more - and NO-ONE can guess this game?!?

*very sad face*

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