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Episode 3.11 - The Maternal Congruence


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I would imagine the reason why there is a big break is that the cast and crew may want to take some time out for the Holidays, and there is nothing wrong with that. Thanks for the spoiler pics, I really love Leonard's mother, she is hysterically funny, very much looking forward to this episode!

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:icon_exclaim: WARNING! The link below is a huge spoiler! It's so spoilerish I regret clicking on it! I am not even adding the title of the article, as it's a spoiler too. :icon_exclaim:


I'm weak. :D But I knew that it was going to be what it eventually was. And my response is:


My reaction was the same as Penny's!! HAND OVER MOUTH AND GASP!

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And yet he wouldn't do a thing to about it???? c'mon!!! there is a code to keep, you-always-have-to-keep-the-code!! I have to see the episode to see the reaction, one thing is being a good calm guy wich of course gained the most beautiful girl's affection because of it, but that?!

On the other hand...the spoiler article remind me of a Mexican movie made by Alfonso Cuaron lol....

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HAHAHA! Did you guys actually see this, Leonard's mom kissing Sheldon? 'just happened, and I never laught that much! EVER! THIS WAS CRAZY!

One of the funniest episode ever! I blame Penny! ^_^ lol

Althought now we know how to make Sheldon interested in women: You just get him drunk! If it worked for Leonard's mom, it should work for him too! :p

La-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la! ^_^

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lol, it was an ok episode from my point of view, I still preffered the "bath item", at least in that episode the tequila (good reliable Mexican tequila, si señor!) had the effect on leonard and penny so I liked that episode more. So leonard is not embarrased about penny, he just like to have less communication with his mother and the "uhm" was a good safe to prolong any answer instead of getting into trouble, good one!! lol. Also the way how he responded the question with another question, just awake and he did manage to come up with a way to not get into trouble after the ambush his beautiful girl and mother had planned for him. No woman got insulted so that's good too.

To mention something out of the episode: I loooove how Kaley's beautiful green eyes looked on the episode, My God! :)

on the "tips" side: some tacos after the tequila are always a good option to have something in the stomach, the night clubs area in my city are full with tacos stands, hot dogs stands and some restaurants so the only thing to be worry about is the hung over, but that's untill next day lol.

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